Personal VS Business Instagram; My Experiences

In August I switched my personal Instagram to a business account. With many fears I finally did it. I read so many bad opinions on switching to a business account and how the already poor engagement went awful. So I've been experimenting and trying to get the most out of business Instagram in the past few months. Earlier this month I switched back or at the end of October, I don't really know. Anyway, I switched back to a personal account to see if the engagement will be any different.

My Winter Essentials

It's that time of the year when we finally freeze our butts off. To be honest I don't mind it at all because the Christmas, festive season is by far my favourite. Having an excuse to wear glitter and shimmers all day long. Not to mention Christmas sweaters which some call ugly but I totally find them adorable and lovely. I have my very own sweaters for this season and I can't wait for the temperature to drop so I can non stop wear them. So everyone has their essential products for winter time and I do too.

15 Jumpers You Definitely NEED This Winter

NEW on the blog

I'm sure I already told you a hundred times how much I love a great sweater and how much I love Autumn and Winter because of layering. Since my blog lacks fashion posts(which I'd like to change soon) I thought about gathering some really cool jumpers from my favourite brands like Topshop, River Island, New Look, Primark and many more. I tried to gather products that are affordable but I couldn't help but put a bit more expensive product on the list. You'll see why I couldn't leave out this gorgeous AllSaints jumper. It looks so cool.

How To Get Yourself Out There?

Ever wondered how the big bloggers have made it. How they got discovered by thousands of people while you are struggling to get a few hundred each day? Nowadays it’s completely OK if you are struggling to grow. While blogging became a job a lot of people want, it became really hard to grow. Among thousands of lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers you’re just another fish in the sea. So how people still make it? Because I’ve seen bloggers who could turn blogging into their full-time job after a year of blogging or less. It’s possible but you have to work for it every day really hard.  You have to keep producing content for your blog and for Instagram too.
If you have the right content, now it’s time to seek those loyal followers. I often made a mistake by not targeting the right audience and it drove me crazy. Now, I think I target the right people but still I’m not always consistent. So rule number one: Be consistent whether you’re posting on Instagram, your Facebook page or an article on your blog, set up days when you post so your readers will know when to wait for a new stuff.

'Stranger Things' Fashion With a Modern Twist

Finally, this year The Stranger Things craze got me as well. A bit late to the party but hey I already watched both seasons in just 3 days I guess. It’s safe to know that I already have a huge love for all things 70s, 80s and 90s so seeing Stranger Things is all about the 80s is absolutely amazing. Not to mention it’s fantastic how they could re-create the looks so it seems like a TV show exactly from that era. The hair, the clothes and the cars everything. Absolutely genuine.
So to have a little Stranger Things themed post on my blog I came up with the idea to give you some tips on how to re-create the looks or build these styles into your wardrobe. Because I’m sure the 80s will be more huge in the following months.

Is Blogging Only For The Rich?!

While I was shopping for fairy lights a week ago I was wondering if blogging is as cheap as people think. What do you think? Do you consider blogging rather expensive or cheap? I'm seriously interested in your opinion because I read a lot of blogs on this topic and a lot of them were of the same opinion which said blogging is expensive. But is it?!

Üzleti vs Személyes Instagram

Augusztusban átváltottam személyes Instagramról, üzletire. Kétségeim voltak afelől, hogy sokáig így hagyom-e vagy sem a profilom... de hálistennek kellemeset csalódtam. Nagyon sok negatív véleményt olvastam erről a funkcióról vagy profil opcióról, hiszen többen azt írták, az amúgyis béna aktivitás( vagy nem tudom,hogy fordíthatnám) még rosszabb lett. Kevesebb követő, kevesebb like miután átváltottak. Hát köszönöm, nálam pont az ellenkezője történt. Viszont a hónap elején, vagy talán október végén mégis visszakapcsoltam a személyes profilt egy pár hétre.

Review: BLEACH LONDON Glitterati & Louder Powder

Last week I ordered from CultBeauty for the first time. I always wanted to try Bleach London products but I was never brave enough to go for a bold hair colour. Since they launched their makeup line I've been planning to try them. Well, I'm always afraid to order lots of things for the first time so I only went with two items. I ordered a Louder Powder and a Glitterati (which by the way I'm in love ever since). Not to mention in October there was free worldwide delivery for Bleach London products. To Hungary, the shipping took 7 days which was absolutely fast and incredible. I thought the post will bring it but instead a delivery guy brought it to my house. However, I was in Budapest when the shipment arrived so I tracked the items through a website. 

Why Am I Terrible at Dating?!

...and to be honest, at relationships too. I want to love and I want to be loved but then again, I love the perks of being single. See my problem? Most of my life I was alone, I had my family and a few friends which I can count on one hand. I was never someone who was a popular kid with lots of friends. So being alone is amazing but it can have an impact on your social and love life later. I don't even know where to start.

Mutasd meg Magad! Instagram kiadás

Sokan elgondolkodtak már, hogy a 'nagy' bloggerek vajon, hogy futottak be? Hogy fedezték fel őket több több ezren mikor Te alig tudsz napi pár száz olvasót összekaparni? Manapság egyáltalán nem könnyű bloggerként. Az utóbbi pár évben nagy népszerűségnek örvend a fiatalok körében. Több ezer, tízezer divat, életmód és szépségápolás témában bloggerkedők között, te is csak egy vagy a sok közül. De mégis vannak akik befutnak. De hogyan? Mert láttam olyan brit bloggert aki fél év után főállásban kezdte nyomni a blogolást, szóval nem lehetetlen. Nem egyszerű, de van rá esély. Mindennap keményen meg kell dolgoznod a sikerért, ha erre nem áldozol időt és energiát akkor szerintem teljesen felesleges hozzáfognod. Fél munkával nem jönnek a sikerek, nekem elhiheted.

Autumnal Make Up

What's the best thing about Autumn?! Colours. Lots of amazing oranges and red tones. My favourite season but I already told you this in every post I published in September and October so far. So I thought I should make a post out of my favourite eye looks for fall. Let me clarify one thing, I'm no NikkiTutorials.

Basic Invite - Truly Custom Invitations

If you’re familiar with my blog, then you definitely know how much I love nice and creative things. A month ago maybe, I was approached by Basic Invite and I had to accept the opportunity to talk about this company because I love holiday cards, invites and all that creative stuff. And let me tell you Basic Invite is a girl’s dream place.

Everything You Need For The Perfect AW Wardrobe

If you follow me on Twitter then you perfectly know how much I love Autumn. I love how you can layer your clothes unlike in summer. When you just boil to death in a bikini.
Anyway, I thought in this post I should show you some of my favourite trends and pieces that are in shops now. 

TESZT: Bleach London Glitterati és Louder Powder

Múlt héten a CultBeauty-ról rendeltem életemben először. Évek óta szerettem volna kipróbálni a Bleach London termékeit, de féltem a feltünő, színes hajaktól. Imádom őket, de valahogy sosem voltam elég bátor, hogy kipróbáljam. Így a Bleach London tesztelése is elmaradt. De mióta sminkekkel is foglalkoznak azóta újra felkerültek a listámra és szerettem volna megrendelni. Felkerültek a CultBeauty márkái közé, így egész októberben ingyenes kiszállítás volt a világ minden tájára. Nem volt kérdés, hogy rendelni fogok. Több dolgot kinéztem, de sajnos nem merek túl sok dolgot rendelni elsőre, hisz nem teszteltem még a termékeket. Tehát csak kettő dolgot rendeltem tőlük. Összesen 8 fontot fizettem, a szállítás ingyenes volt és futár hozta. Ami amúgy meg is lepett, mert azt hittem, hogy a posta fogja kiszállítani a küldeményt. Aztán egyik reggel kaptam az e-mailt, hogy a futár délután hozza. De így nagyon jó volt, kb 7 napba tellett amíg Angliából ideért hozzám a csomag. 

What It's Like To Be a Woman?!

Weak. Vulnerable. Crazy. Boobs. Sex. Shopping. Some may think of these when it comes to woman. Females shouldn't be considered as weak, crazy. They should not be objectified by the opposite sex. Those who can give birth, keep the house clean and also maintain a career... Well, these individuals are anything but weak. So the question here is; what it's like to be a woman? (These are 100% my thoughts on this topic and if you feel different that's completely OK)
I read an article last week which inspired me to write this post. It was about catcalling which I hate so much I can't even describe it.

Yet it still amaze me how man think it will attract us and think it's completely acceptable. Let me tell you some wise words. It's not! Funny to think it's some kind of compliment because it is a very disgusting way to show it. I mean, come on it's 2017, soon 2018. Be kind and gentle. But catcalling is always unnecessary and rude. How would you feel if you were walking down the streets and someone would yell inappropriate words to you or whistle?! You would feel terrible and totally humiliated or at least that's how I would feel. Being a woman means you have to live with these things but it doesn't mean you have to accept it. Of course saying something back can be risky. My go-to solution is to pretend you can't hear them. I used to say something back but they would just laugh at me so it's the best this way. As I said you don't have to accept it and I hope with this post many men will see it's totally rude to do this to women.

The Best Films To Binge-Watch In Autumn

Currently, it's raining like crazy and I thought it's the perfect time to gather my favourite movies around for a big list. Well, I'm not a huge movie lover I'm more a Tv-show girl. I wouldn't skip a Vampire Diaries episode or an exciting war in Game Of Thrones. But as everyone, I have my favourites too. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons although I'm not a huge fan of rain I love covering myself in a huge fluffy blanket, with hot chocolate while I'm watching a nice rom-com. Definitely perks of autumn.

Things I Want To Achieve In October

First time doing Blogtober and I am very excited however I'm not so prepared and organized as usual. I was totally lazy and I did not prepare any posts for the first week or even for the first day. As you can see I already f-ed up the whole Blogtober thing... I mean obviously, I listed posts for the whole month but I still haven't started writing them except this one. Shame on me seriously. I love the idea of Blogtober, meaning blogging every day this month. Well as I know myself pretty well and sometimes how busy I can be, I apologise to everyone if I skip a day or two but I'll try to do my best and not miss any from now on.

Miért Van Elegem a Motivációs Előadókból?!

A minap üldögéltem a szobámban és azon filóztam, hogy mi legyen a következő bejegyzés. Általában előre dolgozom, már ami a témákat illeti. Jobb napokon el is kezdem írni a cikket, de általában arra a napra hagyom, amikor közzéteszem. Szóval szokás szerint vagy 3 cikkbe belekezdtem, mert mindig próbálok olyan témákat kitalálni, ami az olvasókat érdekli. Aztán ennek az a vége, hogy félreteszem és olyanról írok, ami ENGEM érdekel. Amiről szívesen írok. Nem szeretem erőltetni a különböző népszerű témákat, ha arról nem szívesen írok, cska azért,hogy több olvasóm legyen. Ez az én blogom és az én véleményem kerül lejegyzésre, ahol mindig a valós véleményem írom le. Legyen az jó vagy rossz.

Why Am I Fed Up With Motivational Speakers

One day I was sitting by myself wondering what my next blog post should be. I started like 3 different posts as usual but they were never really something that I would want to write about just for fun or because that's something that interests me. I always try to think about posts that people would love to read but then I always end up writing articles that I would love to read. It's my blog and I never ever lied in an article I posted. I have my own opinion on different subjects so that's what I will share not some made up stuff.
Soo motivational speakers, authors - and everything you can think of from Instagram quote pages to I don't know what - were really popular. Maybe they still are. I read a few books. My first interaction with motivational books was with The Secret and I bet everyone read it at some point of their life. You know what, I loved The Secret. Let me tell you a story from my graduation year where I used the Secret or was it just me being extremely lucky?!

Stop Faking Perfect

As a blogger and someone whose life revolves around fashion I always try to show my best online and IRL too. Even if I wasn't blogging I would spend a ridiculous amount of time on getting ready. 

With today's social standards looking good is crucial. But trying to show it off our perfect side is not only about looks, it's more about the financial sides and having a life that everyone should envy even if it's not real. Why social media made us fake being perfect? Why should we fake having a perfect life for complete strangers? Why should it make us happier? What if I want to take a break from being perfect? Or should I say faking perfect?!

Ki Inspirálja a Mindennapi Öltözékem/Stílusom?

Jelenleg 3 különböző bejegyzésen dolgozom, mégis elég nehézkesen született meg a mai. Annyi ötletem van, hogy soha nem tudom éppen melyikhez lenne igazán kedvem. Elég régóta tervezem, hogy megírom ezt a bejegyzést és hát eljött ez a nap is.
Igazság szerint nagyon nehéz volt megtalálni a stílusom, sőt még a mai napig kísérletezem különböző trendekkel és darabokkal, de most már elmondhatom, hogy van egy alap ruhatáram amit könnyű felturbózni.
Szóval a kérdés az, hogy ki is inspirál engem a mindennapi öltözködésben? Azt gondolnád, hogy senki nem ír erről egy egész bejegyzést, de hát ez nem olyan egyszerű. Nem egy ember stílusa inspirál, hanem több ember és más apró dolgok, amik állandóan csiszolják és finomítják az ízlésem.

De kezdjük először azzal, hogy hogyan találjuk meg a saját stílusunkat. Nehéz. Talán olyan nehéz, mint egy normális jól fizető állást találni.
Hogyan találd meg a stílusod? Itt egy lista, ami szerintem elengedhetetlen ahhoz, hogy megtaláld a stílusod vagy ráncba szedd a ruhatárad.


Legfontosabb dolog, ami tényleg minden előtt áll, az az, hogy megértsd milyen a testalkatod. Tudd, hogy mik az erősségeid és a gyengeségeid. Ha ezeket tudod sokkal könnyebb lesz a ruhavásárlás és az öltözködés is.


Ez egy másik nagyon fontos pont a listán. Hiába veszel meg egy tök csajos ruhát, ha te alapból inkább sportos vagy. Nem fog jól állni és te sem fogod jól érezni magad. Például ha sportos ruhákat hordasz, akkor felesleges több tíz magassarkút vásárolnod, mert nincs rá szükséged. Válassz inkább egy fekete és egy nude színű darabot, amit többféleképpen is tudsz variálni. 


Nem tagadom, Pinterest mániában szenvedek. Pár éve utáltam, de idén nagyon megkedveltem. Előtte a Weheartit alkalmazását kedveltem, de mostanra már nagyon nem jó. Sokáig nem is használtam csak a Tumblr-t, aztán Anyukámnál megláttam a Pinterestet és adtam neki még egy esélyt. Azóta mindenféle stílus inspirációs táblát nyitottam és mentegetem a szetteket, amik felkeltik a figyelmem. Szóval neked is ezt ajánlom, mentsd le azokat a street style fotókat, amik tetszenek.


Nagyon fontos, mielőtt nekiállnál a stílusod kialakításán vagy a ruhatárad átalakításán, hogy a megunt és felesleges darabokat válogasd ki. Ajándékozd őket rászorulóknak vagy add el őket a neten, a plusz pénzből tudsz új darabokat venni. De fontos, hogy alapdarabokkal töltsd meg elsősorban a gardróbod és csak ezután kezdj el a jelenlegi trendeknek megfelelő, extrább, feltünőbb darabokat venni.


Amit az előzző pontban is említettem már, a legfontosabb, hogy legyenek alapdarabok a szekrényedben. Hiszen vehetsz akármennyi divatos ruhát, ha nem lesz mivel párosítani őket, teljesen felesleges. Legtöbbször mikor nem tudunk mit felvenni és csak a szekrény előtt állunk tanácstalanul, akkor ez áll a háttérben. Szóval legyen egy alap ruhatárad, fekete, fehér, bézs, szürke és csíkos dolgokkal, farmerokkal aztán ha ezek megvannak, dobd fel őket mintákkal és színekkel.

+ még további dolgok, amiket fontosnak tartok:
az életed, mindennapjaid
okosan vásárolj (például, csak olyat vegyél meg amit 100% viselni fogsz és a te méreted, nem túl szűk, nem túl lezser. Általában a belefogyok dolgok, a szekrény mélyén fogják végezni és csak feleslegesen kidobod a pénzt)

Szóval én így alakítottam a stílusomon, de hát hazudnék ha azt mondanám most tökéletes és megtaláltam a stílusom. Amint már a bejegyzés elején is említettem, szeretek kísérletezni és mai napig ezt teszem. De vannak emberek akiknek a stílusát nagyon csípem és nagyban befolyásolták az ízlésem az elmúlt években, hónapokban és hetekben.

1.) Alexa Chung

Divatkirálynő. Mármint szerintem a nők 90% cserélne vele ruhatárat. Nagyon bírom, hogy ízléses és nem túlgondolt szettjei vannak. Nőies de valahogy mindig beépít egy kicsit férfiasabb darabot is a megjelenésébe.

2. Emma Watson

Megint. Egyszerű és nőies stílusa mindig ledöbbent. Nem túl sok de mégis természetes és divatos a megjelenése.

3. Tess Ward

A Harry Styles-al való állítólagos kapcsolata kapcsán hallottam róla először és egyből bekövettem Instagrammon mert nagyon megtetszett a stílusa. Nagyon örülök, hogy rátaláltam. Nemcsak azért, mert nagyon jó szakács és a recept ötletei nagyon ott vannak, hanem a stílusa miatt is. Nála is az tetszik, ahogy a nőies és a férfias darabokat párosítja, ráadásul a haja is irigylésre méltó.

+ Bloggerek, mint például Sophie a FashionSlave-ről, Megan a Meganellaby szerkesztője, Victoria az Inthefrow bloggere vagy Chiara Ferragni, de Danielle-et se felejtsük el a WeWoreWhat alapítóját. Danielle Peazer és nem tudom, hogy Eleanor Caldert még bloggernek nevezhetem-e, de az Ő stílusa is a kedvenceim közé tartozik.

További hírességek akiknek figyelemmel követem a ruhaválasztásait például, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Lucy Hale és Ashley Benson és természetesen csomó modell szettje is szokott inspirálni.

Who Inspires My Everyday Style?

I'm writing 3 different posts and I have many drafts but I still struggled to post today because I had so many ideas.. well then I settled with this one. I've been planning to write this one for ages. 
Truth is I struggled to find my style and I'm still experimenting with different trends and styles but now I have a basic wardrobe I quite like and I can build my outfits on.

Highlights of NYFW SS18

Olyas valaki, aki divattervező és stylist szeretne lenni, annak a New York-i divathét kötelező. Tehát nem kérdés, hogy figyelemmel kísértem-e a kollekciókat. Talán egy kicsit késő már erről posztolnom és le vagyok maradva, hát legyen. De ha követtek Twitteren akkor tudjátok,hogy kicsit mozgalmasra sikeredett a múlt hetem és nem igazán volt időm a divathetekről írogatni. Szóval a New York-i divathét mint, mindig nagyon izgalmas és nagyszerű volt és remélem egyszer az első sorban ülhetek valamelyik kollekción. Addig is a Vogue Runway oldalon követem a show-kat, ami minden fashionista számára egy kötelező weboldal.

Highlights of New York Fashion Week SS18

As someone who aspires to be a fashion designer and a stylist I always pay attention to fashion weeks. Maybe I'm a little late with this NYFW post but if you follow me on Twitter you'd seen that last week was quite hectic for me.
So New York Fashion Week was absolutely amazing and one day I hope to be sitting front row at one of the shows. Until I will just follow the shows through Vogue Runway which is a must-have site for every fashionista. 

Kick-Start Your Mornings With a Delicious Plate

Skipping breakfast is a huge NO. However, I was one of those people whose first proper meal was lunch and I couldn't be more ashamed than I already am but being 23 and considering myself an adult it was finally time to take care of my well-being. So welcome the new me who prepares breakfast the day before and wakes up earlier to actually finish it and eat it.

Is It Time To Give Up Your Instagram Theme?!

Instagram themes. Those accounts that have a perfectly photographed black and white or very bright clean pictures. Or have you seen pink vibes lately? Brown tones? Yes, it was all about Instagram themes in the past few months but is it still?!
To be honest, strict Instagram themes are on their way out but there are still slightly some things that remind us of themes. For example, using certain filters on your pictures. 
I bet you try to have a cohesive and well-planned Instagram. I gave up posting for a month if I remember it right. It's a tough thing because you see all those influencers with professional photographs while you're struggling to get 30 likes on your smartphone picture. Even if you know it was made by a professional and with a really expensive camera you, feel disappointed. I use the same two filters or at least I try to make my pictures look the same in tones but I don't sweat it if I can't post one day or the photo's not that great. Finally, I can say that I am very impressed with my Instagram and how my pictures complement each other because that's what I always wanted.

How To Deal With Stress In Your 20s?!

I am 23, soon to be 24 and way past the never ending question, What do you want to be when you grow up?!
I am an adult and at the age of 23 you're supposed to have your shit together. Like having a great relationship( which by the way I wrote my opinion about here), a degree and maybe a job. Or at least the sight that you're doing well and you know where you're heading at life. 

How Much of Yourself Should You Share on Social Media?

If you decide to start blogging you should think about whether you want to put your whole face out there or just a piece of it.
I read a few tweets about having a blog Instagram and a personal one and it inspired me to write this post. Personally, I couldn't handle two accounts it was too much for me.

Things I Hate About Makeup Tutorials

Maybe hate is a strong word for this article but I don't mean it in a full negative way. I first started watching vlogs when I discovered Zoella and then I got totally addicted. Since then vlogs became the thing what everyone wants to do. Beauty gurus come and go but some things seem to stay.

Why I'm Glad I Was Never A Cool Kid In High School?!

As we are closer to our class reunion I thought I would take a look back at my years in high school. On the years when I'd dreamt about being in another country and perfectly planned my life. 5 years since I graduated, a lot of time has passed and I changed but not too much. 
Thinking back high school was pretty much boring for me. I had enough friends to be not picked by bullies but not enough to be one of the cool kids. 
Most of the time the cool kids are those who have wealthy parents, fortunately, I can't complain I live in a normal working class family which I'm proud of. So I am not sad I wasn't one of those but still I dreamt a lot about being uber cool. In some way that's how I found myself blogging in the early days of 2010 and being obsessed with Tumblr because I had some great feedback back there and it made me thought I mattered.

Highlights of August

I've never done a post like this before but I reached so many of my goals in August that I thought it's time to make a place for this kind of posts. At the end of each month, I'll make a Highlights post and I'll talk about how and when I reached them and what really happened to me. Well, I made this blog in November or October last year but this spring I deleted all my previous posts because I wasn't really satisfied with them and made a re-brand. So I had around 6-7k views last fall but my views and following quickly started to drop because I skipped posting and eventually stopped blogging. Months passed and I found myself missing writing so I re-started in March. At the time I had around 400 to 500 views so I had to work really hard on promoting my blog to get back to my previous numbers. My April stats were quite low, 706 in the first month. Not quite bad but I wanted more. Unfortunately, my views in May dropped to half and I was devastated I thought about ending my blogging career but then I searched for ways to increase your traffic and engagement (Pinterest has amazing pins on this one) so I started scheduling tweets, posting to Facebook groups and I started posting more consistently. However, my posts weren't too good, they didn't have a meaning so the views I hoped for weren't coming. In June I finally wrote posts I loved and read over and over again, I joined Twitter chats and still to this day I schedule my tweets with Buffer every night for the next day. I finally tripled my views and since then each month is better than then the other was.

Summer To Fall Transition

Tomorrow's September. Start of a new month, a new season. It's like a whole new beginning. Time to leave our loose clothes behind and start planning our warmer outfits. While the weather's still great, there is no need to wear our beloved chunky knits, but there's still a way to smuggle a bit of autumn into our everyday looks. So don't pack away your favourite summer pieces yet because with some tricks you can easily take your warm-weather clothes to fall.

Has Social Media Made Us Disconnected?!

Me, who's always been awkward at making contact with new people, decided to write a segment about our relationships in the era of social media.

Sorry, I'm Busy Dating Myself

I'm 23, an adult so it's kind of expected to have a boyfriend at this age. Whenever I see a long-lost friend of Mum I always, every time get the annoying question. Do you have a boyfriend? Oh, please... Sorry, but I'm busy dating myself. I'm busy making a career and being my best self. I don't have time for childish and unserious boys who don't know what the hell they want. I have enough of being in doubt, I have enough of being the stupid and naive one in a relationship. So no, I don't have a boyfriend and guess what, I'm proud and happy to be single.

Come on, it's 2017 why is it still an expectation for girls to have a relationship in their twenties?! Why we can't be happy without men? Of course, we can. Why is bad that we choose career over boyfriend? It's absolutely not. I rather be alone than in a toxic relationship.

I always felt embarrassed when they asked me if I was in a relationship or not. I felt weird and an outcast and sometimes I wondered is there something wrong with me? I mean I had my first relationship when I was 19 and I have to tell you there was a huge pressure on me. All my friends had their first boyfriends years before me and I really thought a lot that I'm not good enough, I'm ugly and just no one likes me. In reality, I am very picky... way too much. But now I'm 23 and I understand that we don't always need someone by our sides, romantically. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend does not define us.

How can you spend quality time alone?

Many think they need someone else to have a good time but I always say if you're truly comfortable with yourself and your life, you will find the peace and quietness calming rather than overwhelming.

Perks of dating yourself is you can start doing it right now. Turn on a great music and relax a little bit as easy as it is. Dating yourself I think is the best thing you can do to yourself.

As I mentioned I had my ups and downs before, I read many motivational, self-help books which I don't want to run them down but they are all the same just with different stories which seriously doesn't help us. I talk from experience, I read many books, I invested in self-help books a lot but at the end, it hasn't motivated me enough to start doing the right thing. I knew deep down that I needed a change but still reading all those things... they weren't enough motivation. So I'm telling you to spend time with yourself first. Invest in yourself rather than in books which just show you some path to follow or where to start but it won't have an effect as huge as a real life situation on you.
Dating yourself is a way to find your motivation and path in life. I found blogging which grew out to be one of my biggest passion and which I am truly proud of.

Also, I started cooking more seriously. Watch out for recipes in the future. It's a great way to relax at the end of the day and not to mention you can get to eat the result. I often experiment with special cuisines and I love to explore different tastes and substances.
If you're not good at cooking then just visit your favourite restaurant and have a nice evening. It's really not embarrassing eating alone, you get to visit places you want. You don't have to show attention to anyone. A movie night is another great way to spend time alone. I love to travel alone or just exploring the city's hidden parts. Sometimes it's such a shame no one can take cool photos of me but it's really amazing to find something on your own.

You can be whole in a relationship only when you're confident and in love with yourself. While you're single take the time and get to know yourself. Explore what you like and where you find happiness and when you find someone special it will be everything much easier.
You may think being alone s*cks I hope after this post you'll realise that being single has so many options I can't count. Of course, it can't replace the feeling when sometimes waits for you at home after work but it's definitely not the end of the world. It's just up to you if you see the single life as an adventure or not. It can be tough but also the happiest and memorable years of your life.

How do you cope with being single? What do you like to do alone?


Why Monday Shouldn't Be a Naah?!

I bet you know the feeling which hunts you on Sunday night. The knot in your stomach that the next day is Monday, a workday, the end of the weekend. But should you feel down because it's Monday?
For years I felt the same way, struggling to get up in the morning and feeling angry about everyone and everything. Years passed and from a grumpy girl, I grew to be a grown-up morning person. Never in my life have I imagined that I would get up at 7 or 8 or even 6 am to have breakfast and write. Guess what I only sleep late at weekends.

Liebster Award // Get To Know Me

So in the past few days, I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by two lovely bloggers. Fanni from and Chloe from  I received this two nominations almost at the same time I will do both in one post and thank you guys for selecting me. For my lovely readers don't forget to check out their blogs you won't regret it.

I wanted to do a Facts about me post but after receiving this nomination I don't think I will so soon. So I try to include as many interesting facts as I can and I try to answer the questions attentively.

Blogger Help: Photography On a Budget

In my latest post about blogging, I talked about how blogging is easy because you can start it with zero cash. When it comes to photography what should we do? Especially if you don't have any fancy cameras yet. Should you invest in one?
Of course, if you want to look more professional and you want to blog as your profession I'd say yes. Also at the beginning, it's completely acceptable to use your phone or some simple compact cameras while you're starting out.

Relationships: 6 Signs It's Time To End

Funny thing, me giving relationship advice although my past relationship was completely f*cked up. Not to mention I am single at the moment. However, I think my bad decisions helped to give an honest and experienced advice. To be honest it was an on and off thing and unfortunately, it was the most serious one. I'm struggling to find someone who understands me and I don't want to be with someone I don't like genuinely. So I rather spend my time alone. Well, that relationship lasted for 3 years on and off which drained all my energy and self-confidence but I was blinded by love and I was totally naive. Now I know that I held onto it for too long, I should've let it go a long time ago. Well, and this is how today's post came to life.

Get The Look: GUCCI

When it comes to luxury brands, no question Gucci's the hottest and most popular nowadays. With its quirky and unusual pairings, Gucci's among many celebrities and fashion influencer's favourite. It's no wonder everyone tries to steal the Gucci look. The question is what it takes to get the Gucci looks? What are the basics of getting the Gucci vibe?

Is Today's Feminism Real?!

Women's rights. Equality. Could all be a trend nowadays? Did it become too mainstream? Could something like Feminism be mainstream?

This is the post I've been planning to write and hit publish for weeks if not months. Unfortunately, I never got the time to actually start writing about this topic. So what is Feminism?  If you search for Feminism and look up the meaning, this is what our best friend Google says:

The Struggles Of Being New To Blogging

Being new is always sucks. Trying to find your way into a new community is hard. However, fortunately, the Blogging Community is one of the kindest ones out there. But still, adapting yourself to a new environment, getting used to things you've never done before.

Being a blogger, being a huge influential well-known blogger from the outside it looks absolutely gorgeous. Enviable. 
So most people think that blogging is a piece of cake. I can do it. I can't count on my two hands how new blogs I see weekly, even daily. And there are so many great ones out there. Most of the time these people start out just because of the above-mentioned disbeliefs. Blogging is easy, it's full of glamour, going to events, getting free stuff. Well, it's not my dear. It's definitely, maybe once you get huge but until...good luck. They might think it's easy to make it in blogging. And again let me help you, it's not. It won't happen overnight. You have to work hard for it.

My Blogging Routine // Posting and Promoting

Today I am going to talk about how much effort and brainstorming goes into creating content every week. As I previously mentioned in a post ( read it here), most people think about blogging as a joke. So how much work goes into creating a post?!

Do Fans Care About Their Idol's Private Life Too Much?!

I still remember what it's like to be part of a specific group of fans. However, I was never really a hardcore fan, who constantly follows every move of their idol.
Back in my day (like 10 years ago), it was quite different. We haven't got Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Guess Facebook just started out, but we had Myspace. It was 2000s kids' Facebook back then. Don't get me wrong by all means I consider myself a 90's kid (born in '94). Well, moving on to our topic, it was different back then. A lot. Myspace was the only place where we could interact with artists, nowadays teenagers, fans have so many options it's crazy. We got news from Teen magazines like BRAVO, BRAVO Girl. Today's kids will never know the struggle to wait for some juicy gossip for weeks. It was quite hard to stalk celebrities.

The Dress, Everyone Goes Crazy For

Tea dresses are a bloggers' best friend, right? They can be casual, elegant or modern with the right accessories. When it's boiling hot, no one wants to wear any thick materials and clothes. Just some nice flowy comfortable dresses or playsuits.  And that's when tea dresses come in handy. No wonder every influential fashion blogger opts for this gorgeous yet so simple dress.

Get Autumn Ready - The Shoe Edit

You know the saying, a woman can never have enough shoes. As summer's moving so fast and fall collections are already starting to arrive in shops, it's safe to say it's time to take a look at some of the best shoes we can choose from for our fabulous Autumn looks.

I love every season but Autumn with its beautiful colours and many options is my absolute favourite. In Summer, you don't have many alternatives. It's boiling hot outside, so you either wear a short and top, a dress or some skirts with a shirt. When it comes to fall fashion it's all about layering and creating different silhouettes.

Is There a Place For New Bloggers?!

Since I've started blogging more consistently, I kind of live on Twitter. Means, I see every gossip and fight at first hand. This question has been coming back from week to week, so I thought I could write a post about it. Even though I was blogging in 2010, 2012 and in almost every year ever since I consider myself fairly new to the blogosphere. I get offended when big accounts complain about the huge amount of newbies.

Summer Shade Lipsticks

It's summer and we can enjoy the hot, steamy weather and when it comes to summer beauty I tend to reach for more colourful products. In this post, I will show you my favourite lipstick shades.
Of course, there is a huge fan base of nude lip colours these days but don't forget that colours are trendy too.
I tend to reach for products with lighter formulas in hot weather. So in this post, I would like to show you my favourite lipsticks. They are used...a lot, so don't wait for some fancy untouched product photos because I can't give it to you. And don't wait for hella expensive products either because these are all affordable drugstore products.

Why Second-hand and Vintage shops are good for you?

When it comes to second-hand shopping lot of people feel it's gross. They can't stand the thought of wearing something that belonged to someone else before. I never thought about it that way. I only see the clothes like they're from a simple shop. I love looking for little, hidden treasures for hours. But it's more of a vintage shopping now.