The Oh-so Lovely Budapest

Last week my friend visited me from Switzerland. Needless to say we grabbed our backpacks and explored the city. However I live here for almost 4 years now, I can't get enough of its beauty. The old buildings, the bridges and the never ending crowd. Sometimes it's overwhelming but other days I just love how different living in a city than in the village.

I would like to show you some great places you must visit while you're at Budapest.

On the photo above you can see a lovely rose shaped ice cream which is quite popular in Budapest.
They have a few shops around the St. Stephen's Basilica. This time we visited Gelarto Bistro. At Gelarto Rosa last time we waited 30 minutes to get our ice creams so that's how popular it is. The lines were so huge. As the weather isn't so warm yet, and especially that day it was quite cloudy no one was there.
You can choose to ask the rose with 2 or 3 flavours. The more colourful the better. My favourite flavour is the salted caramel which is absolutely amazing. It's a complete must-have oh and almost forgot they have oreo one's too. Heaven!

Another great place where you can spend your time is Akvárium Klub at Deak Square. There is a terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine and the amazing homemade lemonades with different flavours. Not to mention at night it's a great place to have party or visit some concerts.

If you're hungry just grab a burger at Jack's Burger near to Gelarto Rosa and just a few minutesfrom Akvárium. Huge portions really especially when you order in menu plus totally affordable. I like this place, visited a few times before. The burger's are delicious and huge and the employees are really nice. You can spot Jack's Burger around a few places in the city just like Gelarto Rosa.

For great walks or just getting away from the traffic a little bit I advise to visit Margaret Island or the City Park. If you'd like to visit the zoo, the City Park is a great choice then. Not far from my flat there is the National Museum which has an amazing garden. Loads of student enjoy the warm weather when they have some free time and it's such an inspiring place to spend your spare hours.

Let me show you some photos we took at the Heroes Square, Fisherman's Bastion and the City Park.

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