Friday Favourites // Loafers From TOPSHOP

Since Gucci's released their furry loafers, it's the biggest shoe trend this year. I thought about dedicating this whole post only for Gucci loafers but since they're too pricey I gathered some dupes and stylish products from TOPSHOP's webshop. So these are all in stock and ready to be purchased.
I highly recommend checking out all their shoe line because they have the best items along with Zara, but TOPSHOP is something else. It's a bit more unique. So these are my personal favourites from the site.

My biggest favourite is the silver metallic, pearl detailed loafer for £29.
The red KARPENTER loafers are oh-so amazing. Please be mine, they are so fab. The purple mettalic ones are just as amazing as the previous ones. Then we have the KARPENTER shoes in black, which is a great dupe for Gucci's Jordaan leather loafers. Only it's much more cheaper with it's £45 price, instead of Gucci's €595. 

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