How To Be Confident With Your Style

Currently I am sitting on the bus and writing this post on How To Be Confident With Your Style. I came to this decision because I see so many woman who are mature enough but their style is not. Or their style not matches their personality. Other common thing I noticed is a particular group of women who look good but they just don’t have that special something. They have the perfect Instagram worthy body, designer clothes and everything you could wish for but something’s missing. That something is personality for me. They just look all the same to me, I mean where is the uniqueness?!

A woman looks the best if she's confident. Confident in her body, in her clothes and with herself overall.
I've spent years finding my own sense of style. Unfortunately I'm still not 100% sure about what I represent now. I would say my style is very casual sometimes with a hint of elegance. So you may ask how I found my style? How I achieved a look I happily wear.

Well, my style is so varied, I have a huge passion for all things vintage but at the same time I love a totally modern look which sometimes terrifies older people. So that was the main thing why I struggled to find my voice through clothes. I'm literally the memes from Instagram, when there is a girl in full Nike and the other has elegant dresses and heels. That's definitely me on one day and on the other.

Accept Yourself

So the most important thing is to accept yourself. I don’t want to write some brainwashed gibberish about positivism and how it changes your life, like these days it’s so popular to be a life coach. I don’t want to turn out to be like these people I just want to share my thoughts. So I read a few books on being all positive and finding happiness. Guess what it didn’t help, it made me go crazy quite actually. I was frustrated all the time. Nothing was enough for me. Nothing could satisfy my needs. I wanted more all the time. Back then the smallest things could made me happy and I could enjoy these tiny little experiences. But not after I read thousand of pages of how I could be more. Of course it’s motivational and it’s good to be ambitious and to have goals in life but with me it went totally out of control.

So it’s about finding your true self that really helps you to be confident like supermodels.
First of all you need to understand that everyone has flaws, me, you even Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner has one of those. No one is perfect. That little stretch mark, or crooked teeth makes you who you are. That makes you unique and special. 
When I realised these I turned things to my favour. Many models are there because they didn’t care about their flaws. These flaws made them stand out from the rest, these flaws made them superstars. So why not be the next? Be the superstar of the weekdays. Make the world your own runaway.
So the only thing I would like to tell you is think about your flaws as a gift. A gift that makes you special and stand out from the rest.

Currently I gained a few pounds and I was miserable for few weeks. I couldn’t accept the fact that I, again gained weight. Of course I am exercising but this time I am not because I want to be skinny rather than because I want to be strong and healthy. 
Not to mention the fact that when I was in a crowd I was always thinking about what they may think about me. (of course bad things) My outfit choice, my hair, my make-up and with time I could finally be the carefree person I always wanted to be. I don't care what they think until I feel good about myself. If that's how I want to look then I don't care what anybody thinks. But in this modern world where everyone's in a rush all the time I guess it's least of people's problem what I wear. Plus if I'm on the bus, train whatever they're all strangers... I won't be seeing them again. Think about it like this and I guarantee you'll be a bit more confident and with time you'll fully gain that much needed confidence.

Basic Wardrobe

So first of all I advise you to find some people who's style inspires you, who's style is close to you.
That's what I did in the first place, especially before I started to sort out my stuff.
Look at paparazzi photos of this person and try to find the main products she/he wears. I mean if she's often in jeans then you should definitely invest in some good quality pair of jeans. Just try to build a basic wardrobe based on your taste and on your inspiration's outfits.

My idols are a bit different from one another. 
I have classic fashion muses on my list like Jane Birkin who's effortless style is something I wish I could always pull of.
And then I have Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner like any other girl these days. I like that you can easily pull off their looks. A normal people can easily insert these clothes into their wardrobe.

Maybe at the beginning that my style is a little bit of everything. I mean I love feminine looks with high heels and blazers but the next I'm in full tomboy and comfortable. 

So now my wardrobe consists of leather jacket's in different colours (still trying to get my hands on some bubblegum pink and royal blue jackets) a simple khaki bomber jacket, some great skinny, boyfriend jeans (experimenting with flares at the moment) and a few quality shoes. I bought some simple T-shirts, band shirts and striped shirts, white and black elegant shirts. And the necessary little black dress which is amazing for every occasion. 
With a sneaker it's a totally casual and comfortable wear but with high heels it's a totally different story. 

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  1. I tend to just go with the flow now. One day I feel like I want just dress in a certain style and the next I want to try something completely different. I like my outfits to represent certain characters.


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