My Daily Skincare Routin // Miracle For Oily Skin

I had my suffering with my oily skin for years(thank God, not much acne but the feeling of oily skin, which is quite annoying). Years of trying to find something useful. To be honest I was never really satisfied enough until now. 

I've been using Oriflame products quite awhile for now. My mum's friend always send us the newest catalogue and I love to experiment. Most of the time I order lipsticks or mascara, foundations so nothing serious. Last time however I managed to grab my hands on some of the products from the Oriflame Love Nature collection for oily skin. I read that tree tea is great for problematic, oily skin so it was at a reduced price and I thought I'd give it a shot. I ordered the toner and the concealer stick.
The toner is for me average quality, sometimes my skin get's really oily after I'm using it on my face but the concealer is THE BEST THING I've ever used on my spots. It's a two sided concealer, I've been using only one side lately. The green one, which is for acne. I just use it on the spot at night, leave it until I wake up and before I started using my acne lasted sometimes 4-5 days now only 1-2 days.

So this little cheap product really changed my life. I no longer worry about acne. You can easily apply it under makeup too because the other side of the product is a normal concealer which hides the green tones.

About my daily skincare routine, well I don't use too much stuff on my face. At the mornings I wash my face with cold fresh water and basically that's it. Sometimes I use the toner as well but when you clean your face well at nights it's not needed. So to tell you the truth I swear by fresh clean water. It really helps me to wake up and for a few years now I only use this and my skin is better than ever. Of course around my period I get a little spot here and there or if I eat wrong constantly but it's OK. 

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