The Serious Talk // Why Do We Need To Keep Up?

In a world where social media and the internet is so important, can we take a break? Only by turning our phones off? Why we have the urge every morning to check out Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and do the same process in 30 minutes over again?! And not every morning but throughout the day. Why can't we just pay attention to ourselves and our friends? After all, we can't re-live the days. We must make the most of every day. Especially when we don't know if we get to see the next. As things go these days I'm afraid it's really unexpected.

We get lots of information every day - just realised I've written the word 'day' like a bunch of times already, sorry guys - why do we have to fill our heads with more unnecessary things?! I mean, thinking and talking about me, I'm quite addicted. I'm always on social media and I know for sure that I am not the only one. Every morning I wake up, turn off my phone's alarm and go on Instagram, Twitter and then Facebook. And it keeps going on all day. When I don't have the time or my internet connection is crappy, I get really nervous. Like so so nervous that I might miss something new. And when I do miss something and my friends mention about it and I can't respond I feel quite bad. Seriously, I feel bad not keeping up with the news, trends whatever. Why?! It's natural. We have different interests, of course, we can miss something. And not can, we should. It's great getting to know some new stuff by your friends. Keeps the conversations going instead of sitting next to each other and burying yourselves in your phones.

Why do we always have to be on social media? Even at restaurants, concerts or any other event. Why can't we just enjoy the moments?

So how can we spend less time on the internet? How can we avoid unlocking and swiping our phones every 5 minutes? 

I don't have a hundred percent tip on this one, especially that I always grab every possibility to get a hold of free wifi.
But I did some things that made me use Facebook/Messenger less. I turn off the notifications on Messenger for 24 hours or less based on how busy I am. Most of the time I go with the 24 hours so it won't ring all day. Facebook was easy I'm not a huge fan so it's easy for me to avoid it. In the evening or at lunch I check out the makeup and blogger groups and that's it. Check out my closest friends, some great news pages, so I won't miss out anything but don't spend too much time on. When it comes to Twitter I have notifications turned on for some people. It's a bit risky decision because if you get a notification you might end up on Twitter for hours, my trick is to check out everything when I have a little break. So I have to check everything in like 10-minutes. Of course in the evening I give myself a bit more time. Instagram, my biggest fave. I just truly love this app, since last week's update I can't even tell you how much I love it. This whole you can archive and unarchive your pictures thing is absolutely AMAZING. Best freaking update ever. So yeah, Instagram is one hell of a hard app to avoid. I love taking photos of precious moments, interesting things and then, of course, checking out my favourite bloggers, singers, actresses and drool over their feed. I also set up the notification thing on Instagram for a few of my faves, so when I'm on Instagram I know who to check out first. 

When it comes to taking photos at restaurants or events, I stick to like 10 photos, do it quickly and then enjoy the rest of the night. If I see something great, then repeat the same process with fewer photos and just be simple and quick. I don't overreact- maybe that's why I'm taking a lot of crap photos - just do it and that's it.

What do you think about social media? And the amount of time we spend on it? Are you as addicted as I am? Do you have your own way of reducing your time spent on the internet? Let me know in the comment section or feel free to tweet me x


  1. I've realised that during the week, yes, I am definitely addicted to social media. I run accounts as a part of my job, so it is essential. But now, at the weekend, I try to check my phone a lot less and just get on with enjoying time with my family and friends.

    I definitely plan to take a holiday this year and enjoy as little time on my phone as possible. x

    1. Same here. I always use/used my phone a lot especially since I have a blog to run and promote. But of course I use Buffer to reduce these times.

      Have fun on your holiday :) And thanks for telling me your opinion this topic, hope you have a wonderful day x


  2. It's crazy how times have changed. 10 years ago we didn't have these snapchat streaks or our entire lives online. Sometimes taking a break brings you back to reality and this post was so relatable.
    Elisse xx

  3. It is. Really. I have an 8-year old brother and he's always on his phone, xbox, tablet whatever. When I was young I used to get dirty in the sand or play with my dolls and seeing him watching youtubers all the time is crazy. I am the one who's supposed to be an Internet expert not him haha so it's really crazy how things changed over the years.
    And thank you for commenting x

  4. Really interesting!! Enjoyed reading this :) xxx


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