My Favourite Photo Editing Apps

Most of my photos are taken with my precious mobile phone so of course, I have my favourite apps. These are all free to download and I can guarantee you that they do wonders with your simple smartphone pictures.

First of all, my all time favourite app which I use all the time is VSCO Cam. Does anyone not know about this? Dear, you've been hiding under a rock if you hear about this fantastic app for the first time.
It's free both in the Play and App Stores, however, there are filters you have to buy. Actually, I haven't purchased anything, I used the free ones and they absolutely do their job.
So take a look at VSCO and how I edit my photos.
I have my latest post's photos loaded in the app, which by the way you can check out here.
My Instagram feed has a blue, green and sometimes brown, pinkish vibes so I have my favourite filters which make every photo look quite the same.
These are all FREE to use in VSCO.
So I use A4, A5, A6, HB1, HB2, and sometimes P5 and C1 or F2.
It really depends on the photo and its colours which one I use. Most of the time I just try out every filter and if it looks right I go with it.

 Not much difference, however, I already applied a little bit of contrast and exposure to the second picture. I set the temperature and saturation lower and of course the filter's opacity. Never use it on full, it could look too harsh and artificial. But if you look at the picture on the right, you clearly see the difference even though it's just a bit. The photo looks much brighter and cleaner, which is a must for a nice and clean Instagram feed.

Another app I use and I really love is BlackCam which obviously from its name you can guess I use it for black and white photos. It is a very useful and amazing app because it has a real life b&w camera. I love built-in camera filters it makes it much easier to take good photos. You instantly see how it looks. Another great black and white cameras are Lenka and the Black and White Camera.

I also use Snapseed a few times when it comes to editing but I tend to stick to VSCO and Instagram and Pixlr editor on my computer.

What are the features that make your smartphone photo look more professional? 

It's all about the shadows and lights. So even if you don't apply any filter to your picture. Do set the contrast and exposure higher or lower depending on your picture. I always enhance the sharpness on my shots. As I mentioned before I set the temperature and saturation higher or lower. Mostly lower because I don't like too much yellow or orange tones on my photos. I tend to go for the brighter, whiter look.
When it comes to cropping the image it's very important to take your time. Try out different methods, zoom in a bit, whatever you think it looks cool and different.

Anyway, lastly, I think you just need to stick to a style what you would love to see and follow on Instagram. This way there is no way you will mess up your feed.
I love bright and clean, minimalist photos but I do love colourful feeds, landscape photos, so now my feed consist mostly of landscape photos. I would like to post more makeup and outfit photos, however.
The most important message I have for you is, it's okay to have some Instagrammers to look up to and get your inspiration from but ALWAYS try to be original and try to show yourself. It's your profile, after all, we do want to know you a little bit.

Which is your favourite app for editing? Do you use any of these? Does your Instagram feed have a style you stick to?

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