Do Fans Care About Their Idol's Private Life Too Much?!

I still remember what it's like to be part of a specific group of fans. However, I was never really a hardcore fan, who constantly follows every move of their idol.
Back in my day (like 10 years ago), it was quite different. We haven't got Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Guess Facebook just started out, but we had Myspace. It was 2000s kids' Facebook back then. Don't get me wrong by all means I consider myself a 90's kid (born in '94). Well, moving on to our topic, it was different back then. A lot. Myspace was the only place where we could interact with artists, nowadays teenagers, fans have so many options it's crazy. We got news from Teen magazines like BRAVO, BRAVO Girl. Today's kids will never know the struggle to wait for some juicy gossip for weeks. It was quite hard to stalk celebrities.

My biggest favourite band was Tokio Hotel, back in the day of emo. They were huge at that time. Fans would go crazy over them, like for One Direction these days. I was around 11 when their first single came out, I became obsessed. I had posters everywhere in my room, I bought their merch. I had mugs, shirts, books, DVDs, CDs and shoes but I never really cared enough about their private life. Of course, I fantasised what it would be to meet them but I never really got jealous of their girlfriends or people who got close to them.

Nowadays, thanks to easily accessible internet connections and smart phones and social medias, it's much easier to know your idol's every move.

But is it great? Is it OK to be that nosy? I mean shouldn't fans just pay attention to their idol's work?! Do artists owe fans anything?!

Now celebrities don't really have enough privacy. If they do something bad, it gets uploaded on the Internet within hours and minutes. They have to be extra protective of their stuff because of hackers. They often get judged on social media, even by their OWN fans. Not only judged, labelled, which is crazy. I don't know if I could do it.

Of course, people may say they choose this lifestyle, they choose their profession so they have to accept the flaws that come with it. But do they?!

For example, let me talk about nowadays' most well-known fan base, Directioners. They are incredibly determined when it comes to the band. After their split, they are still winning awards when fans are voting. Not as much as they used to, but still they are there in the top 3, 5.

They are not only known as the most loyal fan base but for being overly protective and...  well excuse me but sometimes Directioners are considered as crazy. Now the band have gone solo, which is amazing as I really loved their music and as solo artists, they are even better. I once said in a previous post - where I wrote about Harry's first single - that the band's split was the best thing that could happen to them. Obviously after getting recognised in X-Factor back in 2010.
So they are one of the many fans who follow their idol's every step. I speak about them because I was a 1D fan, I know its fan base. I know the constant arguing when it comes to Harry and Louis or Louis and Eleanor. I know what happens when Harry gets captured with a woman. It's crazy and I've never seen anything like that before. I remember when Tumblr was full of Eleanor like girls. They went crazy about her outfits. I still remember the KATZ Topshop shoes sold out the minute she wore it. It was insane. I know how they analyse every picture taken of them.
So we kind of arrived at the question asked in the title.

Do fans care about their idol's private life too much?!

I think yes. They shouldn't tear down every woman who gets close them. In an era where feminism and equality are so important, we should uplift each other. I always think about that what if people would comment those awful things on my Instagram pictures. How would you feel? Think about that next time if you want to slut shame or call a beard someone.

That is not nice. I've seen loads of girls who called themselves Feminists and yet they were talking shit about other successful women. Another thing, why loads of fans think their idol would agree to a shitty contract? Most of these artists ( who are really popular now, not only 1D) grown men and women. They are not children anymore, of course, every contract has its flaws. You have to make sacrifices for things you want to achieve but you wouldn't sign something that would completely destroy your true self.  Or just talk about the Jenners or Kardashians, they get tonnes of shit everyday thrown at them. Kylie being slut shamed every day, because of her controversial pictures. Kim's sex tape brought up every day even though she's clearly clever about what she's doing and how she's doing it. And she kind of built an empire around the Kardashian name. Yeah, it started with that mentioned video but now she's a successful business woman.

If you really care about your beloved artist, would you hurt her/him? Would you hurt someone who's close them? I mean they don't owe you anything. I know they wouldn't be anywhere without their fans but with producing great content and being nice to fans in general. They just want to live life like just any other normal working people in the world. 
If they wear something you wouldn't, something bold and you don't like it, just ignore it. You don't know them in real life, you just see what they post or what magazines write about them. So stop the hate and stop assuming things that don't exist. The world has enough hatred and cruelty in it, you don't have to fuel it with more hatred. Love their work, that's why you are their fans. That is why you follow their career.

What do you think about the topic? Do fans care about their idol's private life too much?! Is it OK? Do artists owe fans anything?

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  1. Couldn't agree more with this post! I have never understood the obsession some people have with their idols but have watched others harass theirs on Twitter or Instagram to get their attention. By all means follow the person but they're a human being! Give them some space!

    1. So true. Finally someone with the same opinion. I don't get why people have to make Gods from these people. They are the same as us, only their profession is something more well-known.

  2. I think the internet is a weird one. In one way social media gives celebrities more control about what stuff gets out there and they can do there own publicity - on the other hand there are lots of trolls and people that say a lot of nasty things, which is horrible.

  3. Confession time: waaaay before the norms of Instagram and Twitter, and all that jazz, back when MySpace and Bebo were popular, I was obsessed with the Harry Potter cast. And it wasn't the kind of obsession where you post posters up and visit some fan pages, I was obsessed with looking at their personal lives (remember, this was before all celebs started sharing their personal photos for us). There was this forum where people somehow stole private pictures of the cast from their personal Myspace pages, or their friends' MySpace pages and shared it with us. I don't know why but the action of seeing celebs with their friends and having fun intrigued me and it never occurred to me that I was invading their privacy (I was probably in the 6th grade). Eventually, I stopped when I grew out of it but I was one of those creepy fans, haha. I'm not as bad as those that go on Twitter and send death threats to haters or their idol's new partner - I think that's crossing the line and a bit way too obsessive.


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