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You know the saying, a woman can never have enough shoes. As summer's moving so fast and fall collections are already starting to arrive in shops, it's safe to say it's time to take a look at some of the best shoes we can choose from for our fabulous Autumn looks.

I love every season but Autumn with its beautiful colours and many options is my absolute favourite. In Summer, you don't have many alternatives. It's boiling hot outside, so you either wear a short and top, a dress or some skirts with a shirt. When it comes to fall fashion it's all about layering and creating different silhouettes.

Chelsea boots:

One can never have enough Chelsea boots. Seriously I live for these types of shoes. It's a must have for festival fashion and also for fall. Try to purchase some colourful or patterned ones. This season I recommend buying white, red, burgundy as always a huge autumn colour, dark green or the traditional brown or black ones.  Go for something bold with some Gucci inspired floral pattern shoes or embellishment which is a huge twist for everyday outfits. Makes the most simple outfit pop within seconds.

Furry Loafers:

Last season was all about furry Gucci or non-Gucci loafers and I can say this one will be too. Or at least loafers but they are bloody stylish. Shame on me but I don't own any but it's yet to change. Gucci already posted their Fall 2017, re-design of the Princetown slippers so guess it's still in fashion.

Heeled boots:

No words needed. It's just a must-have, basic item in your Fall wardrobe.

Cowboy boots:

Yeeee-haaaw. It's time for you to take a trip to the Wild West. Channel your inner Cowgirls and purchase the best cowboy boot.

I could continue the list for hours but I reduced it to my 4 main favourite shoe-styles, which I will definitely wear this autumn. Other amazing styles include silk, velvet, sock and the metallics shoes and of course the beloved combat boots.

Here are some affordable and not so cheap shoes, I love:

And don't forget these beauties from Primark if you are on a budget like me.

Which shoe style is your favourite? Have you already purchased some Fall products?

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