Reasons Why You Should Workout

They probably named the word 'lazy' after me so I don't really see the point why I am the one who's writing this post right now. I'm still struggling to stick to my workout routine every week..not to mention clean eating. Funny thing is I always imagine myself with a flat stomach and big booty but when it comes to working out I just want to lay in front of the TV with some nachos.
But the question here is, why you should workout?

1. You'll feel better

Not only physically but mentally too. Whenever I workout my mood gets five times better. Say goodbye to stressful days after working out you won't be remembering any annoying things that happened during the day.

2. Confidence here I come

Your body shouldn't define your confidence. Not at all. The truth is, when you reach your body goal, you'll feel better about yourself. So in that way, it's pretty much great. Maybe it's not because of you, being skinnier but rather than achieving something you wanted for a long time.

3. Bye bye insomnia

You'll sleep better, not because of exhaustion but the constant exercising will help you to get rid of any stressful memory. Which of course will lead to better nights. I had insomnia, very bad... but after days when I workout I sleep much better and much easier. 

4. Better, Stronger Body

A healthier you?! A stronger you?! That's definitely something everyone should aim for. Not being skinny but being strong and healthy. Just imagine a stronger you, who don't need no man for lifting up some heavy stuff. Sounds awesome, right?

5. You'll Be Sick Less Often

So working out and clean eating leads to a well-balanced, healthy life. So what else does it mean? You'll get sick less often. Everyone hates those cold days with a full nose and a shore throat. It really drains your energy and productivity but with working out, your immune system will definitely become stronger which means you most likely survive the bad weather without getting sick. Yaay.

As I mentioned I am suuuuper lazy so for people like me, I have one advice. Start slow, start doing just a few minutes of exercise and after a few days or weeks you'll see the fun side of it. You'll get used to it and sometimes you'll even miss it.

Do you workout? How it affects you? 

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  1. Working out is one of my favourite things to do. It makes me feel stronger and have more energy.

  2. Lucky you, I'm struggling... but I need that bomb beach body haha


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