Summer Shade Lipsticks

It's summer and we can enjoy the hot, steamy weather and when it comes to summer beauty I tend to reach for more colourful products. In this post, I will show you my favourite lipstick shades.
Of course, there is a huge fan base of nude lip colours these days but don't forget that colours are trendy too.
I tend to reach for products with lighter formulas in hot weather. So in this post, I would like to show you my favourite lipsticks. They are used...a lot, so don't wait for some fancy untouched product photos because I can't give it to you. And don't wait for hella expensive products either because these are all affordable drugstore products.

Starting with the only liquid lipstick in this picture, I really like. However it's formula is not the best, it's called matte liquid lipstick but if you put too much on your lips it does not dry. Its colour, however, is amazing. Although in one of the Facebook groups, lots of girls wrote that it dries perfectly for them. Maybe my lips are the problem, not the product.  Another problem I have with this lipgloss/ lipstick is the brush. The wand feels light, I mean if I press it a bit too much on my lips it feels I might break it. Overall it's a 7 out of 10 if I consider how cheap is it(around £2)

Moving on to normal lipsticks, shade 900 by Maybelline. One of my favourites, this pale pink is a perfect Barbie colour. Unfortunately, its formula is not the best when it comes to lasting. I have another colour from this collection which is a bit more purple-ish shade, as far as I remember it's called 'Hot Plum' (shade 906) and it lasts better than the lighter shade. The formula is really smooth and the product is very pigmented. After I try to clean it off it's quite impossible to get rid of the colour. Of course like any other normal lipstick, it wears off faster than matte liquid lipsticks. So make sure to bring it with yourself to have touch ups throughout the day.

Essence is a huge fave of mine when it comes to affordable drugstore makeup. I love their cheap lipsticks especially their Matte Matte Matte collection. Plus their translucent powder works wonders. I absolutely love it and it's around £3.

Another cheap brand I discovered a few months ago, however, it's in a store called Pepco in Hungary, is the brand called Freedom Makeup. Their lipsticks are 350 Hungarian Forints which is around £1. What a bargain! Also, their mono eyeshadows are the same price. I bought a rose gold one last week on sale for half of its price. The pigmentation is amazing. Back to the lipstick, well some of them are great, applies smoothly and are really long lasting but some colours are just really bad. I have a very pink, vivid shade which is amazing. Very pigmented, it's just a little bit hard to apply. The red is perfect, the shade is amazing and the formula too but the orange-pinkish colour is not my favourite. It has an amazing shade but the formula is not the best. I have to apply too much product to get the right colour but when I put on multiple layers of lipstick it just looks awful and patchy.

Oriflame is another favourite of mine when it comes to cheap products. I love their lipsticks, they are pigmented and long lasting. Truly. I don't work for Oriflame or brands like this. My Mum's friend does and she always sends us the latest catalogue. I have foundations, concealers, lipsticks, lip glosses, bronzers and mascaras from Oriflame. Some of them worked very well, some not so much.

What colours do you like to use on your lips in summer? What are your favourite brands? How often do you use lipsticks? Colourful or nude lipsticks?


  1. These shades are lovely:) I always stick to nude shades!

    Emily xo

  2. Yes, nudes are amazing but I love to experiment with colours xx


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