Has Social Media Made Us Disconnected?!

Me, who's always been awkward at making contact with new people, decided to write a segment about our relationships in the era of social media.

We are often known as the generation who can't live without their phones and trust me when I say it's not just the younger ones anymore. 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the list could go on with many sites we end up on daily. They wormed their way into our everyday life. Social media is everywhere and it's OK to take a deep breath and ask ourselves: Does it define our relationships?
I'd say in a way it has a huge impact.
Not only on relationships but on friendships too. Long lost those times when we would visit each other randomly. Nowadays we don't even open our doors without texting the other if they're here or not.
Having an effect on our relations by technology started way back. Do you remember the time when after school we crashed straight into our office chairs and immediately got on MSN?
I do, I remember the excitement and the never ending desire to have a message first from my crush. I remember the group chats where we talked about stupid things.
Well, now it's kind of the same, but Twitter, Whatsapp and Viber took the spotlight from MSN.

A few things changed with having access to the Internet all day. We became lazy. We rather text than call. We stalk, we accuse and most of all we became mistrustful. Checking up on our partner is easier than ever and in my opinion, it's not good. I bet you heard the question
"Why did he like her selfie on Instagram?"
MANY times or maybe you used it yourself before. Jealousy is a common thing and can be strengthened by social media. It's no doubt increased the likely hood of jealousy.
However, the lack of trust is something that kills a relationship. I know it personally. You should end a relationship where you can't trust your partner but read my post here, so you'll know when it's time end a relationship.

Another thing I, personally experienced is unfaithfulness. Having flirty texts behind your significant other's back is wrong and disrespectful. In my opinion, it should be considered as cheating at all times. It always gets found out by the other person one way or another.
Relationships lack of privacy due to social media updates. Like you're not dating if you do not change your Facebook relationship status. Ridiculous. That is why I think celeb relationships don't last too long because they're in the spotlight and even if they're trying to be private they can't completely. It's sad. Some people on Facebook share their relationship's every moment and we unintentionally become part of their love. Showing how perfect their life can be overwhelming. 

Moving back to my main topic, we are the generation who prefers texting. It's not bad, as I mentioned at least we have some sort of communication. The case is we became distant, my latest friendships weren't as close as my childhood ones were. I don't share secrets with them even though I trust and love them.It's just not the same anymore. 

We share so much about us by the time you meet someone they won't know what to ask you about because they already know what's going on with your life. 
Seeing their lives on social media all the time can be very terrifying and even if we don't want it, it'll start bothering us or we'll discover things that we don't like about them. It can result in not wanting to see them. 

On the other hand, social media is not all about the negatives. My best friend moved to Switzerland years ago and having the chance to talk with her whenever I want makes things much easier. Same with long lost distant relatives. 

Another pro for social media is the opportunity to connect with fantastic people from all around the world. No matter how far you are from, you have to opportunity to communicate and get to know each other.

What we have to learn is how we should maintain a healthy relationship/friendship while still often using social media. Because sometimes we fail to notice what's underneath those updates. We fail to be friends. We fail to ask what' really with them. We think we already know what is going on with their lives. The truth is seeing and interacting with a friend in person cannot be replaced. Ditching the face-to-face time has an impact on us but not in a good way. Talking IRL is vital to keep our friendships strong.
All in all social media can make our lives more difficult than it's actually is. Everything depends on us, on how much of our life we share.

How often do you update your social medias? Do you find it too much? What do you think about this topic?

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  1. I actually think all of this is so true. It is easy to become addicted to social media. I got a notification on facebook the other day that I had had it for 10 years. It feels kind of wasted now, all those years I spent updating facebook. I know if I deleted it, I'd only have about 4 real friends. MSN, those were the days.

    1. Yes, the MSN days. Now everything's about how everyone represent themselves. How they look etc. It's not genuine anymore and that's why MSN was different.


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