Is Today's Feminism Real?!

Women's rights. Equality. Could all be a trend nowadays? Did it become too mainstream? Could something like Feminism be mainstream?

This is the post I've been planning to write and hit publish for weeks if not months. Unfortunately, I never got the time to actually start writing about this topic. So what is Feminism?  If you search for Feminism and look up the meaning, this is what our best friend Google says:

In the past few months Feminism, feminist organizations became much more popular especially after the Women's March On Washington, which was an absolutely amazing worldwide collaboration. After every article on my Facebook feed was about feminism, feminists and I wondered are they genuine? Especially the brands. I see a lot of brands getting on the feminist wagon and I can't help but wonder.

Why would brands fake being Feminists?!

It's easy. Marketing, for better sales. I don't say they can't be genuine but think about it. There was that movement not only in Washington but all across the globe and what happened?! All the Girlpower, Feminist, Proud feminist shirts appeared in shops. 
However, I don't say it's just all about money and getting huge profits from a specific audience but it get's me think about it all the time.

Feminism on Social Media

Sometimes not only brands who makes me think about modern feminism. As a blogger, I spend most of my time on social medias reading comments and different articles, blogs so I see a lot of controversial stuff when it comes to feminism. 
Some I can refer to my previous post where I talked about fans being too harsh on their idols.
A lot of girls, women say they are feminist yet on social media they tear other women down. Seeing a photo of for example a celebrity with just a few clothes on and they start talking about how she's not a true feminist because she objectifies herself putting her body out on Instagram. But doesn't feminism is about being a woman? Being a woman who can show how confident she is in her body? She doesn't objectify, sexualize herself when she puts that photo online. You are. Just think about the Free the nipple movement, the same people who agreed and supported just decide to talk bad about someone the next month. Isn't it hypocritical? Feminism is empowering women, not bringing them down.

Wearing sexy clothes, makeup or enjoying yourself on a night out should be all about yourself and that's what most women do. Don't think that someone posts photos of herself to get attention.
So feminism is about being equal. Not just about a woman being equal to man but transgender people, homosexuals because at the end of the day we are all people. Our races, nationalities, sexual orientations don't matter. We choose how we treat people and how we see things in life. It all depends on us and why would you hate on someone who didn't do anything wrong to you because of some differences?! This world is cruel enough without the useless and unnecessary hate some people give others.
We live in a world where we bring people down who are a bit different from us yet we call ourselves smart and enlightened. 

But on the bright side, feminism being so popular nowadays it gets such a huge attention which helps the actual cause. The huge media attention and the above said brands helps to get feminism to every home. Which is amazing because even young girls can learn about the importance of feminism and equality. Equality is the key. When I was young I didn't know stuff about like that, but with today's technology and the news transportation, it's just amazing how we can teach our kids from a very young age to respect and to accept. I believe our world is not dead yet, even though the horrible things that happen every day. I believe my brother and his generation well even mine will be much more accepting.

Lastly, I think Feminism is important and I'm glad it gets the attention it deserves. Brands may be genuine but I think that there is definitely some great marketing behind it.

What do you think about today's Feminism? What do you think about the sudden interest brands give to feminism?

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  1. I really hate it when women put down other women. I think feminism is about accepting all women as equal not just a group of them that act a certain way.

  2. I think for sure some brands out there genuinely support feminism and want to promote equality with their platform but I think it'd also be naive to think that either those same brands or other brands are using it as a way to get people to buy more of their products!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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