My Blogging Routine // Posting and Promoting

Today I am going to talk about how much effort and brainstorming goes into creating content every week. As I previously mentioned in a post ( read it here), most people think about blogging as a joke. So how much work goes into creating a post?!


For me, this is the easiest part. I already have 80+ drafts so most of the time I just choose one or two from there, but I always come up with something new for the week. I already posted my tips on how to come up with new posts.


Most bloggers are really organised and they often write posts weeks or days before it goes live. Well, I'm not one of those. Most of the time I write my posts the day it goes out. Sometimes a few days before but it's just uncommon.  Writing on the day when you want to publish the article is just the worst. It's not so convenient. Sometimes I get bored while I'm writing the post or a new idea comes to my mind and I start writing several new articles. Which is obviously great but not when you have to post and you have nothing finished.

3. TAKING PHOTOS // Sometimes a nightmare

By the time I finish the actual post, it's already too late, so there are times when I take photos before finishing the post or I use something old. It's also the case when I don't have any ideas for lifestyle posts. It's just really the hardest to take photos for. But I usually change it the next day or when I have time or idea to take some nice pictures.


When I finally finish the article, my job's not over. See blogging is not that easy as you thought. That's when promoting comes, I log onto my Twitter account and start sharing. First I tweet that there is a new post, then in an hour I share a previous post, make sure to tag one of those amazing RT accounts. My favourites are GRLPOWR CHAT, FemaleBloggerRT, Bloggers Sparkle and there are other great accounts as well, I just used these RT accounts a lot more than any other. 

Here are some other promoting tips that worked for me: 

I was shadowbanned last week so I created a new Twitter account, after 5 days I was finally unbanned but I kept my other account. So now I post every two hours instead of one but in reality, I have tweets scheduled for every hour. Wow, even I am confused. So the thing is I use two Twitter accounts for promoting. It's working out really well so far. 
At the moment, I haven't posted on Instagram in 2 weeks but I would like to use Instagram as a way to promote my blog. My plan is to use stories, I want to make some nice pictures in Photoshop, little doodles here and there, video. I think it's more personal if you upload a little video saying you have some new stuff on your Instastories. 
If you're comfortable with sharing your blog with your Facebook friends then it's also a great way and maybe you should ask them to share your blog.



  1. Thanks for sharing, promotion is key and it is hard work!

  2. I'm happy that I found your blog. I like this post, it'S really useful for me as a new blogger.
    Lots of Love
    Sima x /

  3. Yes it's really hard but eventually it will pay off :)

    Thank you so much, it means a lot and welcome to our community, good luck with blogging! :)

  4. This is a really interesting post. My photographs are always taken before I do any writing.

  5. I use to create text pictures, banners and pinterest photos for promotion. Try it if you haven't. I also struggle with procastinating, but I'm currently working on that.


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