Relationships: 6 Signs It's Time To End

Funny thing, me giving relationship advice although my past relationship was completely f*cked up. Not to mention I am single at the moment. However, I think my bad decisions helped to give an honest and experienced advice. To be honest it was an on and off thing and unfortunately, it was the most serious one. I'm struggling to find someone who understands me and I don't want to be with someone I don't like genuinely. So I rather spend my time alone. Well, that relationship lasted for 3 years on and off which drained all my energy and self-confidence but I was blinded by love and I was totally naive. Now I know that I held onto it for too long, I should've let it go a long time ago. Well, and this is how today's post came to life.


I'm in a lot of Facebook groups and I often see girls seeking for advice on their BF's behaviour and that reminded me of that particular guy so I thought I should gather some things together based on my own experiences. So I always read these posts and the comments and what I started to notice is they somehow always defend their boyfriend's behaviour. No matter what happened there's an explanation and not only the person who asked for advice but some from the comment section and it reminded me of myself so much. Unfortunately, I did the same, I asked many people to help me what to do but I never really listened.

I would like to help girls to realize in time when to let go of a toxic relationship or just a fling. Afer 3 years I look back and I feel I wasted 3 years of my life on a boy who didn't care enough about me and I was at such a low point, I was always dieting and judging myself because I felt I wasn't enough, at least for him. Many decent guys approached me and I immediately told them I'm not available. Even though I was completely alone because after 6 months he always disappeared, blocked me on every social media you can think of and left me thinking about what did I do wrong, why I wasn't enough again. Now, looking back I find it quite funny but I was in love. I don't know why and how because I got almost nothing in return.

Sorry I got carried away so let's continue with the points/list I made:

1. You don't like yourself in the relationship, you don't feel enough, you don't feel loved

The thing I wrote above. Of course, we all have insecurities but when someone truly cares about us and loves us that person does everything in his power to make us believe and feel good in our body. When you don't feel loved in a relationship then what's the point?! 

2.  He wants to change you

So if your BF wants to change you, leave. If someone doesn't like you the way you are, then they don't deserve you. I don't want to write too much about this because it's as simple as it if he wants to change you just leave him, you're not meant to be,

3. He blames you for everything

If you just mess up the tiniest thing you get yelled at, well girl. It's something you shouldn't let happen. It really destroys your self-confidence and self-esteem. I know because that's happened to me. You don't know how much it took me to find myself again. To feel good about myself, my body and just everything. However, if you can relate to this point, your relationship is already bad and it would be the best if you could just end it.

4. You don't trust him

Trust is the most important parts of a relationship, if you feel like you don't trust him then it's almost certain this relationship is moving towards an end. It can poison every good bond if you start doubting your partner's intentions and activities. So when you lose the trust who knows why it can be because of cheating, you caught him flirting with someone or if you suspect something, it's almost certain that this relationship is not good for you anymore. If you're like me overreacting at first try to talk about it.

5. You become distant

You or him, it doesn't matter but when one of you becomes distant towards the other is one of the worst things. Sometimes you can revive the fire in your relationship but most of the time it's too late. Always try to understand how your partner feels and if you care about him, show it. If it's too late you'll regret it. If you both think your relationship can be rescued just try to spend a bit more time together, talk about your feelings and try to sort out why you've been so distant to each other. Because of work? or you don't need each other anymore? 

6. Lack of communication

Lack of communication can lead to the above-mentioned point, being distant to each other. A relationship is built on trust, communication and love. I think it's very important because if you don't talk about your feelings and your days/life in general then why are you together? I think it's amazing to have someone by your side and be able to talk about almost everything, so I really don't know how one can end up being so secretive in a relationship. Also, lack of communication can lead to fights and when you do nothing but fight...well it can be stressful. So do you deserve to waste your time on something stressful? Something toxic? I guess not.

Most of us can't really let go of a relationship in time. We spend most of our days and weeks, trying to come u with a solution to our problem but we don't realize that maybe we're not meant to be. Even if we solve the problems, it won't be good. After awhile there will be another problem and another one.

So when to let it go?
You'll feel it but you have to accept it. Don't try to talk yourself out of it like I did because you'll waste your time on someone who doesn't care about you like some other guy would. It's hard especially when you are in love but you will feel it in your guts. I felt it but I always told myself that he will change. He won't. He won't change for you.

As I said earlier I've seen loads of girls looking for advice in Facebook groups and I find it sad how many they live in a wrong relationship and I thought putting this little list together may help someone. 

Let me know what you think and if you need someone to talk to, tweet me or write me an email. 


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  1. I think that point about 'he wants to change you' is so important - in friendships and other types on relationships too. You should never have anyone in life that doesn't appreciate you for who you are.


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