Summer To Fall Transition

Tomorrow's September. Start of a new month, a new season. It's like a whole new beginning. Time to leave our loose clothes behind and start planning our warmer outfits. While the weather's still great, there is no need to wear our beloved chunky knits, but there's still a way to smuggle a bit of autumn into our everyday looks. So don't pack away your favourite summer pieces yet because with some tricks you can easily take your warm-weather clothes to fall.

1.) Sandals

While it's still kind of warm there is absolutely no need to wear boots. Instead, grab your favourite sandals and mix it with jeans or any other trousers you like. Add a shirt, a cardigan to your outfit and you're good to go. If you're brave you could put on some socks for a bold look because sandals with socks are absolutely amazing.

2.) Crop tops

It's a typical summer piece of clothing but it doesn't mean you can't wear it in autumn. There are cropped sweaters but while the weather's still good, you can wear crop tops with cardigans and high waisted trousers.

3.) Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are must-haves in a wardrobe. To a fall outfit, it's essential. You can wear it with boots or sneakers, it's just up to you how you style it. 

4.) Denim Jacket

It's another wardrobe staple. Timeless and easy to style. I recommend wearing your summer dresses with denim jackets in the early days of autumn.

5.) Loafers

I don't even need to explain the craze that's going around loafers at the moment. With Gucci's fabulous and bold pieces you couldn't go wrong with a loafer. An office look that can easily be transformed into a night look.

6.) Knitted cardigans

As I mentioned it's an easy way to transition from cold mornings to quite warm afternoons with cardigans. Another timeless piece of clothing you can wear anyhow you want.

7.) Dresses

Pretty much already told you the styling tips with summer dresses in my previous points.

8.) Scarf

It will update your simplest outfits. Try the Gucci like patterned ones this fall. I bet you will look like an IT girl.

9.)  Shorts

Remember the good old days when everyone wanted to look like Alexa Chung and tried to copy her simple french-like preppy outfits? I do. Even though it's 2017, you can still wear shorts with tights at fall. It's just how you style it. I would totally add some Chelsea boots, tights, a simple sweater and a biker jacket. Or even a blazer, for an edgy office look.

10.) Leather trousers

I really love leather trousers and for every year it's just a must-have in my wardrobe. I love to pair it with essential fall colours like burgundy or khaki because I think these colours look absolutely amazing together.

There are loads of amazing items you can wear in the early autumn days. From denim skirts to everything I mentioned above, you can't go wrong with these. Another great advice is to layer things up but keep something bare, your arms or legs because it can be pretty warm in the afternoons.

What are your favourite fall items? Do you like autumn? How you transition from summer to autumn?


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