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I've never done a post like this before but I reached so many of my goals in August that I thought it's time to make a place for this kind of posts. At the end of each month, I'll make a Highlights post and I'll talk about how and when I reached them and what really happened to me. Well, I made this blog in November or October last year but this spring I deleted all my previous posts because I wasn't really satisfied with them and made a re-brand. So I had around 6-7k views last fall but my views and following quickly started to drop because I skipped posting and eventually stopped blogging. Months passed and I found myself missing writing so I re-started in March. At the time I had around 400 to 500 views so I had to work really hard on promoting my blog to get back to my previous numbers. My April stats were quite low, 706 in the first month. Not quite bad but I wanted more. Unfortunately, my views in May dropped to half and I was devastated I thought about ending my blogging career but then I searched for ways to increase your traffic and engagement (Pinterest has amazing pins on this one) so I started scheduling tweets, posting to Facebook groups and I started posting more consistently. However, my posts weren't too good, they didn't have a meaning so the views I hoped for weren't coming. In June I finally wrote posts I loved and read over and over again, I joined Twitter chats and still to this day I schedule my tweets with Buffer every night for the next day. I finally tripled my views and since then each month is better than then the other was.

So what happened in August?

Even though I skipped some days because of lack of time I managed to post on almost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
So I set some goals for August which were:

  • Blog views: 20,000
  • Twitter: 1400 followers
  • Instagram: 800 followers (this is the one I haven't achieved yet)
The Twitter one I pretty much achieved in the first week of August. My blog views I can't remember but now I'm over 24,000 views which are absolutely amazing. I had over 17,000 so reaching such a goal is amazing.

Instagram... well I started posting to Insta in the last week of August so I'm not surprised my following not grow instead dropped.

August was really hectic I was travelling to Budapest 3 times a week and most days I was rushing to get some content out but I always managed to get something valuable out there and keep my content relatable and genuine. I wanted to post my September goals in a  separate post but I think I'll just do it here.

September goals

  1.  Blog views: 35,000
  2.  Twitter: 2000 followers
  3. Instagram: 900 followers
  4.  Facebook: 100 followers
I'm thinking about setting up a Facebook page to get the most out of blogging and I really want to reach all the audience I can. I want to earn 35k views or even more. This month I set my goals higher than usual because I really want to push myself to give in 110% and do everything in my power to grow my blog.
Another thing I really want is my first brand collab that would be fabulous so I'm working on this so hard.

Non-blog related goals are to secure a great job for me and start saving up for a trip to London. Plus I would love to post outfit posts or when I write about lifestyle topics instead of flat lays I could use outfit photos but I need a good photographer for that role so yeah again, I need money to hire someone.

I would love to experiment with cooking more and more because one of my dreams is to publish a cookbook and I also want to start working on my own brand. I also want to get to know more people in the blogging community because in the last few weeks I couldn't join Twitter chats and I feel so isolated.

So in a month I will get back and write how my month was. I hope to create more and more amazing content for you.

How was your August? Do you like to set monthly goals for yourself?
email: dominikaa.szeles@gmail.com

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  1. I love posts like this - I'm always setting myself goals. I hope you smash your September ones.



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