Who Inspires My Everyday Style?

I'm writing 3 different posts and I have many drafts but I still struggled to post today because I had so many ideas.. well then I settled with this one. I've been planning to write this one for ages. 
Truth is I struggled to find my style and I'm still experimenting with different trends and styles but now I have a basic wardrobe I quite like and I can build my outfits on.

So who inspires my everyday style?! Well, you'd think why would someone write a whole post based on the person but you're wrong my dear. It's more complex than you'd think. Lots of people and things inspires and affects my style daily.

But first, let's start with the process of finding your own style. It's really hard. Seriously as hard as finding a decent job.

How To Find Your Style? These are a list of things I consider important when it comes to finding your style.


Most important thing that comes before all the other ones are understanding your body. Your body's strengths and weaknesses, knowing your body type can save you from loads of stress.


This one is as important as knowing your body. If you're more a sports kind of person, then you definitely won't wear high heels everyday so you will need less from that.

3.) PIN IT

This helped and still helps me a lot. Pinning some pictures to boards can be a very helpful to find what kind of outfits you like more.


Seriously it's really important when you want a new style, a fresh start. Throw out everything you don't wear often (give them to charities) and in the future only buy clothes that fit you perfectly.


You may have seen some new trends online on fashion bloggers but if you don't have clothes to wear it with, it's absolutely useless. I advise you to build a basics wardrobe first and then add some interesting items to make it more exciting. Most of the time when you have nothing to wear it's because of you have trendy items but it doesn't mean it's timeless. Filling your closet with the current trends doesn't mean you can easily style them.

+ other things you should consider:
  • your lifestyle
  • smart shopping (only buy something you're 100% sure you will wear it)

So this is how I managed to change my style but I would be lying if I'd say I've already found it. Unfortunately, as I said I'm still experimenting with a few styles but having style inspirations are a huge help.
So here are my biggest fashion faves.

1. Alexa Chung

She's the Queen of fashion. I mean I think pretty much everyone wants her wardrobe. I love how effortless and classy her outfits are. It's feminine yet it has a bit masculine side too. 

2. Emma Watson

Again. Her simple and feminine style never fails to amaze me. It's nothing too much yet looks absolutely amazing and natural.

3. Tess Ward

I haven't heard about her before her rumoured relationship with Harry Styles but I'm so glad I found her. Not only because of her cooking skills, it's another story. But her style. Again I love how she mixes feminine and masculine items plus her haircut is enviable.

+ Fellow bloggers like Sophie from Fashionslave, Megan from Meganellaby, Victoria from Inthefrow and of course Chiara Ferragni or I almost forget to mention Danielle from Weworewhat, Danielle Peazer and if I can count Eleanor Calder as a blogger then she is among my favourites for sure.

I also love how other celebrities dress for example Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson and of course many models styles inspire me.

Who's style you like the most? Who inspires you the most? Do you have style inspirations?

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  1. I love Emma Watson and her style so much. I think my style is kind of a bit wacky and changes depending on my mood.


  2. Love the silver boots

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