Why Am I Fed Up With Motivational Speakers

One day I was sitting by myself wondering what my next blog post should be. I started like 3 different posts as usual but they were never really something that I would want to write about just for fun or because that's something that interests me. I always try to think about posts that people would love to read but then I always end up writing articles that I would love to read. It's my blog and I never ever lied in an article I posted. I have my own opinion on different subjects so that's what I will share not some made up stuff.
Soo motivational speakers, authors - and everything you can think of from Instagram quote pages to I don't know what - were really popular. Maybe they still are. I read a few books. My first interaction with motivational books was with The Secret and I bet everyone read it at some point of their life. You know what, I loved The Secret. Let me tell you a story from my graduation year where I used the Secret or was it just me being extremely lucky?!

When I graduated from High-school my most feared subject was History. I've never been good at keeping dates in mind and I knew like 4 or 5 topics really well, others not too much. So guess what I did? When we had to choose an envelope (with inside the topic we had to talk about) I thought about Islamic Religion and Arabic Expansion or something easy. Guess what I chose. Islamic Religion. Same with literature I chose something I wanted and I knew very well. So that's why I think our thoughts have strength.

Then I moved on to books that were written by authors who got their millions by sharing their story and how they became successful. A book filled with stories and quotes from philosophers. Don't get me wrong it's all amazing and cool but writing three books on your life and not giving actual advice just some normal crap my Grandmother tells me all the time on a Sunday lunch... These books are not cheap. Not to mention the lectures they held and I don't like the thought of ripping off people who just seek some guidance. That is not nice.

 People who attend these events and buy these books are looking for TRUE advice. Not some sugar-coated version of how everyone can achieve their goals and how only success is acceptable. Because failure comes with success. The most successful people have failed in life. If you fail once if you fail twice or a hundred times IT IS NOT BAD. You are still an amazing person who just followed the wrong path or made some mistake but that's life.  I think it's disgusting how these motivational speakers take advantage of desperate people. Because like it or not, that's what they do. They tell you that they want to help you to achieve your dreams and help you to leave your miserable life behind but they charge an event hundreds of euros. 

So why I am fed up with motivational speakers? Because now everyone sees the potential in it and wants to make money, a huge load of money from it. Same stories, same quotes from philosophers and psychologist. And what annoys me the most is that there are people who follow these thoughts like it's some religion and they completely lose themselves. One thing is to mark something as a guide to ourselves, but let it completely transform us into something else.. well it's what I think is very embarrassing. 

Moreover, unfortunately, I noticed that we can't say a bad word about these writers in front of their followers. If I do this then they tell me that I deny the progress of being better and more successful from myself. Sometimes it feels like a sect. One thing to be positive, but to blindly follow a person whose life path is completely different from ours is another thing. I could compare this with teenager's admiration towards their favourite singer or actor. They follow these celebrities with the same obsessions as adults follow motivational speakers.

Unfortunately, in today's world where social media is the number one source for news and keeping up with our friends, where everyone wants to be a boss and a successful entrepreneur. Sharing positive quotes under your Instagram pictures(which has to show your expensive watch Rolex or something like that shows how rich you are or your hand in front of your Mercedes steering wheel. 

But do I ask, that's what positivism is about? Will a positive, purposeful person show it off every time they hop on social media?
Is achieving happiness and success must come with owning expensive and fancy brands accepted by the consumer society?! You can't be successful makeup artist without Kylie Cosmetics? You can't be a fashion blogger without luxury bags?! 

Because what I think the most valuable thing is to be rich inside and what comes next should be about your appearance. You can be the most successful, richest person in history if you're like a rotten apple. I wouldn't call that an achievement. Then, of course, it is important to achieve your goal in life, to achieve what you would like to do, what makes you happy. But please don't feel crap about ourselves because some 20 year-olds have better cars than us. I think everything has its time and of course it's based on the individual's attitude.

So, in my opinion, these books are a part lie and part cliche. They tell what my Grandma would tell me on a Sunday lunch. It doesn't help people, maybe just for hours or days. But for the authors well... they get the money you spend on events and books, so buying and reading these books will not make me a billionaire overnight. For me, it's just a guidance maybe but it tells so much cliche that I doubt it's something that helps me open my eyes because I already knew these things. I think if someone has very serious goals they will do everything in their power to make it happen. I read these books and what I wrote about I told you all about from experience because I read these books and I waited for some miracle to happen but without actions... good luck because you'll need it. 

What do you think about the positive vibes that became so popular to spread? Do you think it makes people more desperate and depressed? What do you think about the motivational speakers who sell sugar-coated half-truths to hundreds of people seeking advice?

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  1. I totally agree with you. They get very repetitive and annoying too. For me they're boring and I barely read or listen to motivational speakers. Real life is diffrent than what they picture it to be. Too bad some people fall for it.

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