Why I'm Glad I Was Never A Cool Kid In High School?!

As we are closer to our class reunion I thought I would take a look back at my years in high school. On the years when I'd dreamt about being in another country and perfectly planned my life. 5 years since I graduated, a lot of time has passed and I changed but not too much. 
Thinking back high school was pretty much boring for me. I had enough friends to be not picked by bullies but not enough to be one of the cool kids. 
Most of the time the cool kids are those who have wealthy parents, fortunately, I can't complain I live in a normal working class family which I'm proud of. So I am not sad I wasn't one of those but still I dreamt a lot about being uber cool. In some way that's how I found myself blogging in the early days of 2010 and being obsessed with Tumblr because I had some great feedback back there and it made me thought I mattered.

Quite funny as I said I was never a cool kid but the cool kids often found themselves copying me because I was way ahead of my classmates. I lived on Tumblr and other foreign sites so I knew all the trends and cool stuff in first hand. I was the first one who wore skinny jeans, black ones. And the checked slip-on?! Yep, me. Guess you already know what era I'm talking about. Being emo and interested in arts were not getting you into the cool kid club. 
And you know even though I always wanted to be popular and as every child, I dreamt of being famous, I was never sad because I was left out. Even among of my own group of friends. I was never one of those who licks somebody's boots to gain something from it. Unfortunately, lots of my old friends turned out to be these people.

Does it matter 5 years later?!

I guess, not really but I often find myself in situations like this because I'm a loner. I'm okay being lonely I learnt to live with it and while I'm alone I can brainstorm new ideas and truth is I am awfully bad at making friendships. Sometimes I feel it's in the way of making my blog huge because I often find myself anxious about talking to other bloggers and making real friendships. I often come across as a total bitch but I swear to God I'm the nicest person you'll ever know I just have a constant resting bitch face that's all.

I learnt through these uncool years that not everyone will like you. Even if you have a huge group of people at your feet, it does not mean they are your friends. Most of these people only with the said person because they see them as a help to climb higher up the social ladder.
So I'm glad because I followed my own path I never let others influence me in any way and eventually I find what I would like to do in life.

Were you a cool kid? What do you think about high school cliques? Do you think there are cliques in the Bloggersphere?

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