Autumnal Make Up

What's the best thing about Autumn?! Colours. Lots of amazing oranges and red tones. My favourite season but I already told you this in every post I published in September and October so far. So I thought I should make a post out of my favourite eye looks for fall. Let me clarify one thing, I'm no NikkiTutorials.

Last week I tried to experiment with some greens from my Fortunes Favour The Brave palette which I still love to death. However, it's pigmentation is not the best sometimes. Fortunately, the darker shades are really good but I wanted it to be even better. What did I do? Dipped my brush in water. Using the shades wet turned out REALLY good. I used the shades Green Machine, Transformer, Buffer(in the crease as a transition shade) and also Latte. In the middle, I used Golden Coins and Super Gold. In the inner corner of my eye, I used New World. Maybe a winged eyeliner would make it even better but I have hooded eyes and I'm not a pro at doing eyeliner, so I skipped it.
So my eye looked like this when I first applied the shades. Even though the harsh edges it still looks great to me. Something different from the perfectly blended makeups.

Next looks is a red, orange kind of thing. I used for this a really cheap palette. Miss Rose, bought it from a store a few months ago to try out because it had amazing colours and I was very curious. Well, the pigmentation is amazing but it doesn't blend out or at least it's quite impossible to blend it perfectly. And I used my Aden burgundy coloured liquid matte lipstick in the outer corner of my eyes. From the BBB palette, I used the same golds as in the green look. I like the green more it turned out very good compared to this orange look I made yesterday. In the future, I think I will make my favourite go-to eye look for my green eyes with the rose gold-purple shadows the palette has.

Let me know what you think and what are your favourite autumnal colours when it comes to make up. What colours do you like to use?



  1. The green/turquoise look is so pretty with your eye colour!, I love the second look aswell, you're super talented!.
    Charlie |

  2. wow i love the green look!!! beautiful love :)

  3. Thank you so much. Yeah, the green turned out much better then to red/orange :)

  4. Love the red/Orange look! I have been eyeing that palette for so long, so sad to hear it's not that pigmented!! xx


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