Things I Want To Achieve In October

First time doing Blogtober and I am very excited however I'm not so prepared and organized as usual. I was totally lazy and I did not prepare any posts for the first week or even for the first day. As you can see I already f-ed up the whole Blogtober thing... I mean obviously, I listed posts for the whole month but I still haven't started writing them except this one. Shame on me seriously. I love the idea of Blogtober, meaning blogging every day this month. Well as I know myself pretty well and sometimes how busy I can be, I apologise to everyone if I skip a day or two but I'll try to do my best and not miss any from now on.

So what I would like to achieve with Blogtober? or in October at all?!

This month I would like to focus a bit more on my Instagram. And of course, even more on my blog, not to mention I work on starting my Youtube channel. I'm also working on my own domain and design which I am really excited about. October will be really something else in terms of blogging.

So I'd like to grow my following an all my social media and as I mentioned Instagram is my number one priority because my Twitter is quite alright at the moment and it's easier to post on there.

When it comes to my blog I really want to improve my Photography skills because I was really lazy with producing pictures for my blog. I often found myself using the same pictures all over again. This is what I absolutely don't want to do in October. Unfortunately, I still don't have a professional camera so I'm stuck with my smartphone and old compact camera. But as many say it's the vision and perspective that can make a picture really stand out and with today's smartphone technology we can snap some great photos with our phones. So now I'm on camera hunting because of my upcoming Youtube vlogging plans but I don't want to rush anything plus I still need to save some money. I really want to invest in something I can use for a long time. So until then, I will try to use my phone's camera.

Back to Blogtober, I don't think I will do it properly. I mean, I already skipped the first day because I was extra busy on Sunday (what?!) so I think I'll post more frequently on the blog this month, not only Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But I can't guarantee to post every day.
I thought about skipping the whole Blogtober thing but I planned so many great articles that I really want to share them with you.

Few things about me and the upcoming posts:

As you can already know I'm Dominika, 23-year-old girl from Hungary who writes in English and now in Hungarian too. I really love autumn, it's one of my favourite seasons because you can layer, drink hot chocolate, cover yourself in a blanket and watch a great movie on a sunny but quite cold Sunday afternoon. I'm currently living in Budapest and I re-started learning German. Anyway enough talk about me, let's talk about how amazing posts I planned. There will be beauty, lifestyle and fashion articles. Beauty: obviously my fall makeup routine, some nail polish test articles, skincare routine and so on. I will (as I already mentioned) try to post every day according to my Blogtober plan and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays I post another article, according to my blog plan. So when I would post normally I will post two articles. So from beauty tricks to autumnal recipes, I will post about everything.

Hope you will like my Blogtober posts and I hope I won't skip too many days.


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