Everything You Need For The Perfect AW Wardrobe

If you follow me on Twitter then you perfectly know how much I love Autumn. I love how you can layer your clothes unlike in summer. When you just boil to death in a bikini.
Anyway, I thought in this post I should show you some of my favourite trends and pieces that are in shops now. 


Not a surprise I start with coats because as the weather gets colder we need something warm to wrap around ourselves. Whether it be camel toned coats and by the way, they are must-haves every year. I was lucky enough to find an oversized one in my local vintage shop and I'm in love with it ever since. Or colourful faux fur coats you can't go wrong with big oversized pieces.
one thing I definitely recommend is a camel toned coat and a black leather jacket. 

If you want to make a statement go for mustard yellow or burgundy jackets they are very autumnal or I would totally wear bright pink too. Bershka has some a huge range of coloured jackets and the price is amazing. Also, I've seen a yellow faux fur coat on their app yesterday and I'm in love. Ever since I saw the pink H&M fur coat I wanted to get my hands on a coloured one( I have a black from Terranova) and they are even better than the pink ones. Click on the picture to go to the webshop

So my advice doesn't be afraid to play with different pattern, textures and colours. Have fun because fashion is fun and it's an amazing way to express yourself. Also if you don't fancy faux fur try puffer jackets. Again Bershka, H&M has amazing colours and styles with affordable prices. Zara has amazing styles too but sometimes they can get a bit pricey.

This year I won't buy any new coats (hopefully) because I have one too many. In December I bought a leopard print coat in F&F, last week got a brown coat from a vintage shop and I also got a Zara faux fur bomber jacket from the same vintage shop I got my brown coat from. Not to mention I have like 5 other from previous years. So if your budget is tight like mine try vintage shops because you can find some gems there. Especially since this year, old school fur coats are so in.


I already got my silver item for the season. An extremely cheap but durable and very chic silver Chelsea boot from Primark. They have amazing shoes this season I couldn't choose and I still regret not buying the gold heeled Chelsea boots too. So I highly recommend Primark when it comes to cheap stylish pieces.

Embroidery, Folk vibes

You could already feel and see the folk vibes this Spring and Summer, well don't be afraid to wear your boots or jeans with different flower patterns. They are totally cool. Check out this TopShop dress I really love. Click on the picture to go to their website. Or just check out this bag which gives me huge Gucci vibes.


Office Wear

I'm sure you've seen the huge check blazer and pants trend on Instagram and everywhere in the Blogosphere well prepare yourself for more office wear inspire trends because it's going to be huge this fall.

Colourful, Big, Cozy, Warm Knits, polka dots, huge blanket puffer coats, star and galaxy prints, distressed hem, PU leather, and one of my huge all-time fave leopard print, blue and black, pink and as I mentioned about office wear, checks. 

Hope you like the items I put in the post also linked them so you can easily buy it. Let me know what trend is your favourite what you will or what you already wear this fall.

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  1. Such a great post - I need to get myself some new Autumn coats.


  2. I love that bag!



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