What It's Like To Be a Woman?!

Weak. Vulnerable. Crazy. Boobs. Sex. Shopping. Some may think of these when it comes to woman. Females shouldn't be considered as weak, crazy. They should not be objectified by the opposite sex. Those who can give birth, keep the house clean and also maintain a career... Well, these individuals are anything but weak. So the question here is; what it's like to be a woman? (These are 100% my thoughts on this topic and if you feel different that's completely OK)
I read an article last week which inspired me to write this post. It was about catcalling which I hate so much I can't even describe it.

Yet it still amaze me how man think it will attract us and think it's completely acceptable. Let me tell you some wise words. It's not! Funny to think it's some kind of compliment because it is a very disgusting way to show it. I mean, come on it's 2017, soon 2018. Be kind and gentle. But catcalling is always unnecessary and rude. How would you feel if you were walking down the streets and someone would yell inappropriate words to you or whistle?! You would feel terrible and totally humiliated or at least that's how I would feel. Being a woman means you have to live with these things but it doesn't mean you have to accept it. Of course saying something back can be risky. My go-to solution is to pretend you can't hear them. I used to say something back but they would just laugh at me so it's the best this way. As I said you don't have to accept it and I hope with this post many men will see it's totally rude to do this to women.

Next thing I find really common is while I'm at a club and some creepy guy starts grinding on me and doesn't understand when I say no. Like, come on! Ask me if I want to dance with you. I'm not some kind of meat and sure I don't act like someone who puts everything on the market. Not to mention how men can misunderstand even the tiniest things. Are you being kind? You are attracted to him. Do you talk to him?! You are attracted to him. Of course, not everyone like this but a lot thinks the same. It's quite sad because a woman can come out of these situations really bad. One rumour and her whole reputation are on the line. 

Quite sad how vulnerable we can be and we arrived at our next point of what's like to be a woman. Sometimes men are the smallest of our problems. Fellow females can be as harmful as creepy men if not more. We laugh at Taylor Swift's new Reputation era but think about it. What if it happens to an ordinary, normal girl?! And believe me, it happens. All the time, every day in our huge world. She would get judged and even worse maybe her friends would turn away from her. Why is it that men are cool to have loads of flings but if a woman does the same she's immediately a whore? and Why is it that men are cool if they had a load of flings?! Why women can't be interested in sex? Why is it that we always do things for men when in reality we absolutely not. Why everyone assumes that women want to please men all the time? because we don't wear makeup and short dresses to impress. Of course, it feels good to have someone look at us or compliment us but it's not the most important thing. For me the most important thing is when I wear something risky is to feel good about myself. It's a huge confidence boost.

Another taboo in our so-called modern world is female sexual fantasizing. When we talk about men's sexuality it's so natural and easy but when it comes to women it's like we are talking about the devil. Not to mention how hard it is to be taken seriously. We get questioned a lot and it's quite sad. 

I listed a lot of bad things that a woman can experience in life not to mention sexual assaults and be afraid of walking alone at night. I carry pepper spray, I walk really fast when I'm alone at night and sometimes I watch my back and if I see someone behind me I sometimes panic. It's a shame we can't live in a world where it's not necessary. Oh, and did I mention the penis overload when it comes to online dating? That's why I don't do it. I tried but I'm completely fed of seeing different penises in my inbox like why guys think it's OK?! Like what do you think I should say? Nice colour bro. Shape and size look really pretty or what?! If you want someone to meet you in real life then stop sending nudes and surprise dick selfies.

Well, enough of the disadvantages of being a woman but believe it or not having a vagina can be pretty amazing. No, no, no not the periods. God, it's not cool. And most of all not comfortable. We are strong if not physically we are strong mentally. I love being a girly girl. I love makeup, nail polish and nice clothes. Yes, I love shopping but as much as I love shopping, I love reading a great book, watching football and other stuff. Even if we are feminine we can love things you wouldn't think of. It's the most fantastic thing in the world. As I mentioned a few lines before it's hard to be taken seriously as a woman. But being a woman means we can come up with an unusual and creative solution to things so you shouldn't question us next time. 

If you ever felt bad for being a woman, DON'T. It's the most fantastic thing in the world and we should encourage each other. Women did a lot of extraordinary things (still do, don't get me wrong) and we should be proud of ourselves. We should show everyone how amazing we are and don't let others make a fool of us. 

I hope you liked this post and let me know what you think about it. Write a comment or tweet me your opinion. Even if I don't answer too much on the blog I read them but on Twitter, I try to be more social.

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  1. It really does annoy me that there are some men out there that don't respect women in the proper way.


  2. Beautiful outfit! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


  3. I love this post. I hate that I get scared walking home alone at night, or that I have to be careful! It's not right. I have a personal alarm that I carry around with me. And also, I agree about the dating and dick pics.


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