Get The Most Out Of Your Cheap Make-up

Under the term cheap, I'm not talking about dangerous, chemical filled fake cosmetics from eBay or Aliexpress. I'm talking cheap drugstore makeup which most of us can afford and those of you who are not beauty gurus swear by. This post is mostly about how I make my cheap palettes work in my everyday makeup routine. It's nice to own some expensive, high-end products but let's face it. A lot of women can't afford them and it doesn't mean you can't look good and you should feel left out. No. In this little post, I will give you some tips on how to get a better result with cheap products. 


Not only on your face should you use primer but on your eyes too. It will make your eye makeup and your foundation last almost all day and the not so pigmented eyeshadows will pop a bit more. I mostly use Makeup Revolution and a few cheaper palettes and some colours are really bad in terms of colours. It looks really nice in the palette but when you try to apply it..well it just performs poorly. However, Makeup Revolution is very good when it comes to affordable, great quality palettes. Most shades are really great, especially the darker colours but most lighter shades are very poorly pigmented in cheap palettes but with this little trick, they can look better. 


If you don't have primer, you definitely have a spare white pencil which you can use on your whole eyelid. The white really helps to bring out the colours and for example, the pink shade which looked dull and lifeless without primer will come to life when you put it on top of a white base. 


You don't own a primer? Not even a white pencil? Don't worry. I got your back. Use your foundation or concealer on your lids (most of the time I set it with a transparent setting powder so it won't crease) and it will help the shadow to stick to your lids better and it also brings out the colours very well.

4.) WET

If nothing works for the above-mentioned tricks you can try to use the shades with a wet brush. I find it really amazing especially when it comes to golds and silvers or other shimmers. They work really well if you wet your brush. Spray setting spray on it or just dip it in a little water. I love making sparkly eye makeup with this method. Unfortunately, it's a bit harder to blend shadows used like this but the result will look amazing.



  1. I have a palette from Makeup Revolution that I love but the first time I got it I used a wet brush to try to apply a beautiful shimmery shadow and it just ruined it! I didn't have any setting spray at the time so I used my eye drops, like I had read online a few times, and it just totally ruined the shaddow! I'm too scared to try setting spray now haha

  2. Which palette was it? I mainly use my BBB palette and it works really well with setting spray or just water. I have a post on Autumnal Makeup Ideas and I made my whole eye look there using wet brush and the BBB palette. For my everyday makeup I use foundation/concealer on the centre of my lid and put the shimmers on with my finger and it also works really well :) Hope I helped xx

  3. This is so useful! I usually do the foundation thing, but I'd never even thought of using a white pencil! x

  4. These are all brilliant ideas, I tend to only have drugstore palettes, so I will definitely be trying these tips x

    Fatimah | ROSEYGOLDBOX

  5. I've been using cheap makeup for years now and I definitely use the concealer trick to make my eyeshadow really pop! It definitely makes a difference. Also, mixing higher end makeup with cheap ones seems to make everything look more expensive than it really is :p it's all about fooling everyone!


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