How To Get Yourself Out There?

Ever wondered how the big bloggers have made it. How they got discovered by thousands of people while you are struggling to get a few hundred each day? Nowadays it’s completely OK if you are struggling to grow. While blogging became a job a lot of people want, it became really hard to grow. Among thousands of lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers you’re just another fish in the sea. So how people still make it? Because I’ve seen bloggers who could turn blogging into their full-time job after a year of blogging or less. It’s possible but you have to work for it every day really hard.  You have to keep producing content for your blog and for Instagram too.
If you have the right content, now it’s time to seek those loyal followers. I often made a mistake by not targeting the right audience and it drove me crazy. Now, I think I target the right people but still I’m not always consistent. So rule number one: Be consistent whether you’re posting on Instagram, your Facebook page or an article on your blog, set up days when you post so your readers will know when to wait for a new stuff.


I bet you see it often even from bloggers but how can you expect to get discovered by people if you don’t engage with others? Sure Madonna and others don’t need to do that on Instagram but they’re world-famous artist and celebrities. You, you are just a small town blogger who needs to grow. Since I spend 10 to 31 minutes a day on commenting and liking pictures from different hashtags my engagement and following number grew a lot. Obviously, some days are better and there are worst when it comes to reaching the numbers but I see a slow increase. It’s not only for Instagram, it’s for blogs too. Spend an hour or two every Sunday on just simply commenting on posts you love. Be genuine, no one likes the Nice! comments. Only comment if you really like the picture/post. I almost forgot to mention, answer your comments!


Use hashtags for your pictures on Instagram. Search for relevant hashtags, don’t put the overused ones like sunshine, smile, happy because it’s used by hundreds of millions of people and it’s busy, crowded. People more likely to find your picture and give it a like if you use a medium popular hashtag. Most of the hashtags I use have 250k to a few million pictures or less. Not to mention use relevant hashtags, as I already mentioned. If your photo is a flatlay don’t use landscape and selfie hashtags.


You want to earn money? Are you waiting for the opportunity to fall into your hands? Of course, it’s possible to get brands approach you but what if you want to work with a brand you like so much? Will you wait forever for them noticing you? No way! It’s when you have to approach them. They might not respond, they might say no to your request but don’t feel bad about it. See it as a guide to work harder and maybe a few months later they will contact you.

I know it’s really hard when you work a lot every day on your blog and it just consumes a lot of money and you get nothing in return but don’t forget to write for your own joy first. And don’t forget that hard work always pays off. A lot of bloggers worked for years to get them to where they are now. It’s not an overnight process.
Engage and spread love and positivism, make friends and followers will come. Don’t be afraid of supporting others. Some people think of fellow bloggers as competition. Yes, they are but GOOD competition if you make friends and support each other. Think about that. You occasionally tweet about your friend’s blog and they do the same in return. It’s another great way to grow and to get amazing friendships through something you love doing.

A lot of people complain about the blogosphere becoming a negative space but from people, I follow I haven’t seen a single one negative tweet towards another blogger. Of course, I don’t follow problematic accounts and I simply refuse to support those who seek drama so they can get more views. It’s definitely not a nice way to get followers. So my advice is to keep it genuine and stay out of the nasty stuff. Be a positive and consistent blogger and engage with others because blogging is more fun with a group of nice people than alone.
Let me know if you have other tips for sharing your blog and Instagram.

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  1. Very helpful article, thank you! :)

  2. Very informative. I’m a new lifestyle blogger and this helped a lot. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post! It was very informative and definitely useful. I totally agree with engaging with other blogs and your readers is so important!

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