'Stranger Things' Fashion With a Modern Twist

Finally, this year The Stranger Things craze got me as well. A bit late to the party but hey I already watched both seasons in just 3 days I guess. It’s safe to know that I already have a huge love for all things 70s, 80s and 90s so seeing Stranger Things is all about the 80s is absolutely amazing. Not to mention it’s fantastic how they could re-create the looks so it seems like a TV show exactly from that era. The hair, the clothes and the cars everything. Absolutely genuine.
So to have a little Stranger Things themed post on my blog I came up with the idea to give you some tips on how to re-create the looks or build these styles into your wardrobe. Because I’m sure the 80s will be more huge in the following months.

Some basic things you definitely need or you already have because they are in fashion for a few years now. 
  • Denim jackets ( oversized or vintage, you can put brooches on them)
  • MOM jeans (acid washed jeans, rolled up cuffs)
  • Sneakers (Vans or some retro Nikes, Rebooks)
  • coloured lens retro sunglasses
  • T-shirts (band, tucked in)
  • Cardigans, turtlenecks
80s fashion has different styles which we can clearly see in the TV show. Just think about Billy with his bad boy attitude or 'Eight'(can't remember her other name sry) and her friends with their punk vibes. Nancy's preppy looks. In 1985 the workout style with its leg warmers got a lot of attention and became mainstream. Today's huge beret and captain hat trend also come from the 80s but it's from 1983 actually. A year before it was the punk era and before that in 1981 men experimented with rockabilly. Not to mention the goth fashion from 1984 or don't forget hip-hop from 1985. See how diverse and exciting the 80s was? Everyone talks about the disco era when it comes to the 80s but it was NOT all about that. Not everything was sequin and colourful at that time. Many of our current trends come from the 80s.

So let’s see some items that are in stores now and can make you look like you’re from a modern 2017 Stranger Things. Keep in mind that these are all looks that are only inspired by the 80s. Mixed with current trends for a modern look.

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  1. I love this so much - such cool outfit ideas.


  2. I totally get stranger things vibes! great post~



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