Treat Bloggers With Kindness

What a shame to see a lot of bloggers calling out each other in hope of getting some extra likes and views. In my post a few weeks ago I told you guys I never really witnessed any negativity on my Twitter timeline... a few days after that post came out this finally changed. Unfortunately, I started to notice a "trend" developing in the past few weeks and days. I think you can tell others to change some things about themselves without being completely rude.

So what happened? I won't go into details but it all started with the Zoella calendar which I have my opinion about but it does not matter now. So it all started with that and continued with her old tweets and I started to see smaller bloggers doing the same to each other. I don't want to carry on with this negativity especially not on my own blog. Instead, I will give you some tips on how to handle problems and how to help each other as bloggers.

So from the title, you can guess I always try to be nice to everyone. I believe if you want to make it in the Blogosphere you have to be nice and genuine.

Rule #1: Have fun

We have enough negativity and problems in our lives every day. You shouldn't bring that to your blogging world. Interacting with others is funnier than arguing all the time. Feeling good about what you do is amazing and it's even better when you can share it with your best blogging friends. It's something that really makes blogging fun. Participating in Twitter chats, having amazing friendships with people who have the same hobby as you.

Rule #2: Share the love

Help each other. Love each other. You don't need to see others as competition. Help a fellow blogger out when she needs the last few followers or views to reach her next goals. Most of them always return the shares so it's good for both of you(but don't do it just for the shares)

Rule #3: Send a Private Message first

If you have a problem with someone or you think you know something about someone just talk about them privately first. Stop this calling out bloggers bullshit. What if you're wrong? Think about it. How would you feel if you'd log into Twitter and see that everyone's hating on you or talking about you while you were out shopping?  Their whole reputation is on the line. No matter how sure you think you are. Message them first and try to talk about it like adults in private. Everyone worked really hard to get to where they are now and see how just a few tweets and posts can ruin this, is just sad. People can turn against others really quick and some join as fast as they can just to earn some extra few likes and shares. Being popular by taking part in almost every blog drama is not an achievement. Being honest and being just plain rude is completely different.

I don't like how some people try to bring down others and how they unite when negativity is in the spotlight and how fast they can act when it's about drama. Always think about how would you feel if it would happen to you and then act. Hope you liked this post and I hope you will stay away from drama. Let me know what you think



  1. Interesting post! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  2. Great post! Personally, I'm not a big fan of this name and shame trend I've seen this year. I was a victim of that myself, when I caught a bigger blogger telling lies about me. Her solution was to make up even more lies to protect herself, and people believed her.

    Hopefully, now that I'm back I'll see some change in the community. I'll do everything in my power to spread doe positivity, whether it's through a comment or a like.

  3. Such a lovely reminder to treat others well! I ignore the drama and negativity on twitter, but you're right in that there seems to be a lot of it going around lately. I always do my best to be positive, happy and friendly towards everyone and share others work, and everyone I interact with is really lovely too. I think if we just ignore the drama, the perpetrators should realise it's not getting them anywhere. :)

  4. This is a great post! I've noticed such negativity too mainly focused on Zoella. If you don't like something that somebody has done or said, you're right - private message them or just keep your mouth shut. Putting out a nasty comment online directed at somebody is not morally right!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  5. I am too small to get that treatment from others lol. Being kind is important no matter where you are. These people being mean are young and insecure?

  6. Thank you guys for your comments and I'm so glad that there are at least a few of us who don't like and folllw this.
    Unfortunately what I noticed that these people are in their early/mid 20s which is quite sad. Not that young..

  7. Completely agree! I don't understand why one can't be polite and settle any differences one on one in a private message instead of calling them out on social media. Lovely post!


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