Christmas Nails by Oriflame

In the past few weeks, I've been really lazy and unsuccessful when it came to my blog. I couldn't think of a single decent post and it kind of drove me crazy. I was ashamed because I couldn't produce but when I look back and see that I posted 70+ articles this year then I can be pretty much satisfied because it's not that bad. I hope to double this number next year.
 Well, moving on to today's post I would like to talk about my latest additions to my nail polish collection.

One of my first posts was about Oriflame products so it's time for another round. I really love their products, my Mum and I often order from them and it's very rare that I'm unsatisfied with the product. I've been using their nail polishes for a few months if not years now and I was really happy when I saw these 3 very Christmassy products. 
Mum bought them for me as a surprise. The two bigger ones (green and glitter/sparkly)I bought a few months ago.

Shades by name(left to right):

Pink frosting, Chocolate cream and Bronze Sprinkles 

and the two older ones:
M Forest and Amethyst

Let me tell you first that my nails are short af and they were complete rubbish so I thought it's time to build them a bit bigger. I used gel to lengthen my nails and kept them clear or  I use a very light pink. I get bored of my nails very fast so I like to keep them clear and then I use a normal nail polish on top of it. 
(Obviously, they are not perfect but I'm really interested in gel nails, so I like to practice on myself)

About the products, they are absolutely amazing. I really love the brown as its colour is really strong and even one coat is enough. Same with the green and sparkly one. However, the shade Pink frosting needs two or three coats. Only one negative thing I could think of is if you put a little bit too much product on your nails it's quite impossible to get them dry. It takes forever to dry and I always smudge it so I need to re-do but now I'm really careful when it comes to applying. It lasts 3 to 4days for me, sometimes less. Depends on what I do. If I do the washing more it obviously comes off faster but if I don't such things a lot it lasts pretty well.

For this price, it's totally worth it and I will definitely get the other shades as well because they work really well for me.


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