How I Start Each Month

As December's already here(had to change the beginning of the sentence because I started to write this in November...) I thought I could share you how I get ready for the upcoming month. A new month is like a new year, a new beginning. It's all yours to get the most out of it. I always try to roughly plan the next month. Write a little to-do list and write down the things I want to achieve in that particular month.

Always make sure you will have time for YOURSELF

This is the most important advice of all. You can be the most amazing blogger or whatever you are in the world if you are exhausted and sad all the time. Always find time to get refreshed once or twice a month. I always try to not work on the weekends. Unfortunately, I am very passionate about my blog so it doesn't really work but I always try to make fewer things. On the weekends I only jot down some post ideas, I'm only active on social media. So it's not really a work.

Bullet Journal

Write down your to-do list in your bullet journal, write everything you think it's important for the month ahead of you. 
I always plan out posts but they may vary through the month. I don't use it as a strict guide, it's just a plan. And obviously, plans change most of the time. It's good because even if I have a writer's block I can choose from different ideas so I always have something to write about. 

I always plan how much and when I will reply to comments, like others on Instagram and comment on other's posts.
Mostly I like and comment in the evening when I'm watching TV or just laying in bed, relaxing.

I set number goals too

But it's again just a plan. I don't think numbers are that important but I like to see some progress here and there and I find it easier to grow for example on Instagram if I set a goal for the next month.

How do you like to start each month? And we're getting closer and closer to Chriiiistmaaaas. I can't believe it.


  1. This is a good way to start the month. Setting monthly goals is a good way to have a successful month. I love your blog template by the way. ❤ It looks so good on my phone. 💋

  2. Love your tips, they made me want to be as organized as you! :P

    xx, /

  3. Great tips! I have never looked at numbers but some bloggers day it is important to keep a check in them too just to see the blog's growth!

    You have a great blog!


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