How NOT To Overreact The Festive Season

Christmas is clearly the best time of the year. Smelling mulled wine and walking in the crisp cold air is one of my favourite activities to do. The beautiful lights at night and the never-ending rush that somehow follows everyone. So how do I not overreact Christmas? 

I don't. I'm clearly making a huge fuss about Christmas EVERY damn year. So the post title was a definitely a lie and I am so sorry for that. Tricking you into thinking that I can give you some ideas on how to survive Christmas but no I will just annoy you more with my huge love for it. But I do have some tricks when it comes to gift shopping so don't worry. I got you covered.

Every year in November I'm already all about Christmas and listening to Christmas songs. I try to get myself in the mood as much as I can but sometimes I fail. In the past years, we didn't really have white Christmases and it was awful. I always dreamt of a Christmas which you can see in movies. 

White, lots of lights, giggles and no worries. 
This year it might happen. It snowed last week and this weekend too and fingers crossed for more. 

Well, this year all the organised bloggers got me in the mood to start gift shopping early. I mean I always leave gift shopping for three days before Christmas... well this year I already started ordering, buying stuff for my family in November, however, I'm so mad because two of my parcels have lost so I don't know if it will arrive on time or not. The anxiety continues.
But I do have my father's gifts sorted out, only one thing is left to buy and my mum's the same. Only my brother and grandmother need gifts.


I always overeat at Christmas. After dinner, I'm dying. But this year I have a little role in the Chruch's Christmas play so I won't be eating as much as always. Unfortunately. One of the best things about Christmas is the food.

Well, I don't have any advice for this but just try to eat a little from everything instead of huge portions.

Every year I do this. Not only around Christmas but through the whole year. I sort out my clothes and donate it to a poor family. It makes our materialistic Christmas season a bit more realistic and loveable. It gives me the feeling that it's more about a competition who can have the most expensive Christmas with the most boxes under the tree.

What matters the most about Christmas it to give out of love. Since the past few years, I don't ask for gifts. I always say that I would be happy to get a tiny chocolate or whatever cheap stuff and I would be happy because they thought about me. For me Christmas was never about the fancy stuff you get, it's the quality time that you spend with your family.

Tip: GIVE not just ask

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?


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