Intelligence vs Looking Good

As social media is a big part of our lives we can't really overlook the huge amount of selfies posted every day. Sometimes people who look good are often categorized as dumb or unintelligent. My question is why?! Why can't someone be stylish, have a love for makeup and be intelligent at the same time?

Blonde jokes, movies with an attractive but dumb main character. Why is it so popular? Why a good looking guy/girl can't be intelligent? Why most people assume looking good not equals intelligence?

Because I know a lot of people who are very attractive and also incredibly intelligent. Same with having a degree. Why people categorize people without a degree as stupid or less intelligent? Not everyone wants to go to Uni. Not everyone has a taste for fashion but those who love and have a passion for all these things, they shouldn't be considered as stupid.

In my opinion, most people are jealous because there are men and women who have it all. Have the looks, the brain and the money. So we feel better if we assume things so they won't look as fortunate and perfect. In fact, they are not perfect. Noone's perfect so we shouldn't bring down others without knowing them.

I know people who have degrees and studied really hard but they're completely stupid for ordinary things that you need in life but they have a really wide lexical knowledge. 
I know women who wear tons of makeup every day, care about their looks and could easily talk about politics and have a valid opinion on things. (I'm not talking about people who write comments under political news on Facebook.)

I find it really annoying that in groups woman tries to bring down other women. Talking shit about people they don't know. Same with men. 
How do we want to have a change in our world if we can't change ourselves? 
How do we want equality when we can't give the benefit of doubt to a beautiful person? 

So, all in all, I think it's always comes down to jealousy and the never-ending comedies that rely on making good-looking people dumb.



  1. I loved the text! Honestly, I agree with you: we all have our faults and qualitys and we shouldn't throw people down because of that; we should love our selves the way we are instead of comparing ourselves to the others!

    xx, /

  2. Thank you so much! It means a lot that you found this little article interesting and I totally agree with you x

  3. This is very awful word "s...t" - if you want to be a serious person do not use this word and similar words. Shame on you!


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