Autumnal Make Up

What's the best thing about Autumn?! Colours. Lots of amazing oranges and red tones. My favourite season but I already told you this in every post I published in September and October so far. So I thought I should make a post out of my favourite eye looks for fall. Let me clarify one thing, I'm no NikkiTutorials.

Basic Invite - Truly Custom Invitations

If you’re familiar with my blog, then you definitely know how much I love nice and creative things. A month ago maybe, I was approached by Basic Invite and I had to accept the opportunity to talk about this company because I love holiday cards, invites and all that creative stuff. And let me tell you Basic Invite is a girl’s dream place.

Everything You Need For The Perfect AW Wardrobe

If you follow me on Twitter then you perfectly know how much I love Autumn. I love how you can layer your clothes unlike in summer. When you just boil to death in a bikini.
Anyway, I thought in this post I should show you some of my favourite trends and pieces that are in shops now. 

What It's Like To Be a Woman?!

Weak. Vulnerable. Crazy. Boobs. Sex. Shopping. Some may think of these when it comes to woman. Females shouldn't be considered as weak, crazy. They should not be objectified by the opposite sex. Those who can give birth, keep the house clean and also maintain a career... Well, these individuals are anything but weak. So the question here is; what it's like to be a woman? (These are 100% my thoughts on this topic and if you feel different that's completely OK)
I read an article last week which inspired me to write this post. It was about catcalling which I hate so much I can't even describe it.

Yet it still amaze me how man think it will attract us and think it's completely acceptable. Let me tell you some wise words. It's not! Funny to think it's some kind of compliment because it is a very disgusting way to show it. I mean, come on it's 2017, soon 2018. Be kind and gentle. But catcalling is always unnecessary and rude. How would you feel if you were walking down the streets and someone would yell inappropriate words to you or whistle?! You would feel terrible and totally humiliated or at least that's how I would feel. Being a woman means you have to live with these things but it doesn't mean you have to accept it. Of course saying something back can be risky. My go-to solution is to pretend you can't hear them. I used to say something back but they would just laugh at me so it's the best this way. As I said you don't have to accept it and I hope with this post many men will see it's totally rude to do this to women.

The Best Films To Binge-Watch In Autumn

Currently, it's raining like crazy and I thought it's the perfect time to gather my favourite movies around for a big list. Well, I'm not a huge movie lover I'm more a Tv-show girl. I wouldn't skip a Vampire Diaries episode or an exciting war in Game Of Thrones. But as everyone, I have my favourites too. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons although I'm not a huge fan of rain I love covering myself in a huge fluffy blanket, with hot chocolate while I'm watching a nice rom-com. Definitely perks of autumn.

Things I Want To Achieve In October

First time doing Blogtober and I am very excited however I'm not so prepared and organized as usual. I was totally lazy and I did not prepare any posts for the first week or even for the first day. As you can see I already f-ed up the whole Blogtober thing... I mean obviously, I listed posts for the whole month but I still haven't started writing them except this one. Shame on me seriously. I love the idea of Blogtober, meaning blogging every day this month. Well as I know myself pretty well and sometimes how busy I can be, I apologise to everyone if I skip a day or two but I'll try to do my best and not miss any from now on.