Personal VS Business Instagram; My Experiences

In August I switched my personal Instagram to a business account. With many fears I finally did it. I read so many bad opinions on switching to a business account and how the already poor engagement went awful. So I've been experimenting and trying to get the most out of business Instagram in the past few months. Earlier this month I switched back or at the end of October, I don't really know. Anyway, I switched back to a personal account to see if the engagement will be any different.

My Winter Essentials

It's that time of the year when we finally freeze our butts off. To be honest I don't mind it at all because the Christmas, festive season is by far my favourite. Having an excuse to wear glitter and shimmers all day long. Not to mention Christmas sweaters which some call ugly but I totally find them adorable and lovely. I have my very own sweaters for this season and I can't wait for the temperature to drop so I can non stop wear them. So everyone has their essential products for winter time and I do too.

15 Jumpers You Definitely NEED This Winter

NEW on the blog

I'm sure I already told you a hundred times how much I love a great sweater and how much I love Autumn and Winter because of layering. Since my blog lacks fashion posts(which I'd like to change soon) I thought about gathering some really cool jumpers from my favourite brands like Topshop, River Island, New Look, Primark and many more. I tried to gather products that are affordable but I couldn't help but put a bit more expensive product on the list. You'll see why I couldn't leave out this gorgeous AllSaints jumper. It looks so cool.

How To Get Yourself Out There?

Ever wondered how the big bloggers have made it. How they got discovered by thousands of people while you are struggling to get a few hundred each day? Nowadays it’s completely OK if you are struggling to grow. While blogging became a job a lot of people want, it became really hard to grow. Among thousands of lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers you’re just another fish in the sea. So how people still make it? Because I’ve seen bloggers who could turn blogging into their full-time job after a year of blogging or less. It’s possible but you have to work for it every day really hard.  You have to keep producing content for your blog and for Instagram too.
If you have the right content, now it’s time to seek those loyal followers. I often made a mistake by not targeting the right audience and it drove me crazy. Now, I think I target the right people but still I’m not always consistent. So rule number one: Be consistent whether you’re posting on Instagram, your Facebook page or an article on your blog, set up days when you post so your readers will know when to wait for a new stuff.

'Stranger Things' Fashion With a Modern Twist

Finally, this year The Stranger Things craze got me as well. A bit late to the party but hey I already watched both seasons in just 3 days I guess. It’s safe to know that I already have a huge love for all things 70s, 80s and 90s so seeing Stranger Things is all about the 80s is absolutely amazing. Not to mention it’s fantastic how they could re-create the looks so it seems like a TV show exactly from that era. The hair, the clothes and the cars everything. Absolutely genuine.
So to have a little Stranger Things themed post on my blog I came up with the idea to give you some tips on how to re-create the looks or build these styles into your wardrobe. Because I’m sure the 80s will be more huge in the following months.

Is Blogging Only For The Rich?!

While I was shopping for fairy lights a week ago I was wondering if blogging is as cheap as people think. What do you think? Do you consider blogging rather expensive or cheap? I'm seriously interested in your opinion because I read a lot of blogs on this topic and a lot of them were of the same opinion which said blogging is expensive. But is it?!