Little White Dress Is The New Black

Ditch the black, all you need this season is a little white dress.
Here are the best high-street items you need and how to style them.

The off the shoulder look

Untitled #1343

Having a white dress can be the best way to cope with the overwhelming hot weather at summer. Not only it's easy to style but also a great choice for every occasion and no matter what your style is (except something really dark and goth). Plus it's really easy to find one, because every high street brand has its own product. The above seen dress is from River Island. A store which I absolutely love, they have the biggest trends ready at reasonable prices all the time. I highly recommend their dresses and jackets and also they have an amazing selection of shoes.
So how I styled this lovely off the shoulder dress? Which by the way is still freaking trendy and a must-have for spring summer along with bell sleeves and ruffles. In this look I wanted to smuggle a little festival vibe so I used straw hats and the indispensable coloured-lens glasses (which I mentioned here to be a big hit this year) with some boho bracelets and huge hoop earrings. To make it more street style rather than a festival outfit I matched it with this Gucci beauty everyone craves - by the way me too - but a simple trainer should do the trick too. Not necessary to use fancy luxury brands because if someone looks good it's not because of their expensive products. Okay I get it, the before and after photos of celebrities. but just think about bloggers. Not everyone has luxury products but they look absolutely ravishing.

The good old shirt dress

The shirt dress is a huge trend this season. Especially the striped one, it's everywhere. I paired this frilled Topshop dress with yellow accessories because yellow is also huge. Plus make these cold days shine a little bit. Flatforms, platforms with floral prints are a girl's best friend at summer. I choosed in this set a little bit pricey items, this one is a Gucci shoe but Topshop, Zara definitely have their dupes.
In a previous post I wrote about colored lens glasses at Coachella (read here) and how big hit will it be. So don't be afraid this season is all about colours and textures, prints. We have suffered through the snow, the cold weather now enjoy the warmer seasons and make it stand out with prints and colours.

The cute little pinafore dress

When it comes to dungarees or pinafore dresses I always think back at my childhood. It always reminds of my days spent at the sandpit playing with my mates. How could I forget those carefree days... Anyway, they are still in fashion and they come in white!! Perfect. For a casual, comfortable look I would style it with some striped t-shirts and simple trainers/sneakers, a backpack and a colourful sunglass. For a unique and different look, I would totally style this dress with nice printed mules or some slippers. They are really trendy just think back at the Rihanna x Puma shoes.

In my opinion with these type of dresses you can't go wrong. Another advantage is that you can style them in so many ways, it all depends on the accessories. Don't be afraid to use lots of colours and prints, it's spring/summer after all.

How To Be Confident With Your Style

Currently I am sitting on the bus and writing this post on How To Be Confident With Your Style. I came to this decision because I see so many woman who are mature enough but their style is not. Or their style not matches their personality. Other common thing I noticed is a particular group of women who look good but they just don’t have that special something. They have the perfect Instagram worthy body, designer clothes and everything you could wish for but something’s missing. That something is personality for me. They just look all the same to me, I mean where is the uniqueness?!

Friday Favourites // Loafers From TOPSHOP

Since Gucci's released their furry loafers, it's the biggest shoe trend this year. I thought about dedicating this whole post only for Gucci loafers but since they're too pricey I gathered some dupes and stylish products from TOPSHOP's webshop. So these are all in stock and ready to be purchased.
I highly recommend checking out all their shoe line because they have the best items along with Zara, but TOPSHOP is something else. It's a bit more unique. So these are my personal favourites from the site.

Currently On My Playlist // Sign Of The Times

Many new songs are on my playlist right now but it's the one that I have to show you. 
Well I don't have to introduce Harry Styles to the world. Sure as a solo artist he's new to the industry but we've already heard him in One Direction for years. After the band's split Niall was the first one (truth is actually Zayn was the first but it was way before the band's break) to release a solo track, then Louis followed him and finally we got to hear Styles' ballad. The most anticipated track of the month.

So yesterday morning at 8 am Sign Of The Times were officially released worldwide, followed by a 2 hour long interview with Harry at BBC Radio 1's Breakfast show. The track reached number one in the USA only in 19 minutes beating Adele who needed 50 minutes to reach the first place. Later I read that it was already number 1 in 70 countries across the globe.

Not a surprise, since yesterday I've been listening to this track all day. Again and again and I can't get enough of it. It has a 70's rock ballad vibe, which goes well with Styles' style(that sounds funny) really well. I find it amazing how individually all of them found their paths and how different these are. Now we're only curious about Liam's first solo act. To be honest the bands break was the best thing that could ever happen to them. Sorry Directioners you may want to kill me now but it's the truth. This way we can hear how grown up they are and how amazing taste they have in music, not some made up pop group with catchy songs.

Back to 'SOTT', which is an almost 6 minute long track. 6 minutes of heaven, I say. These day it's quite unusual to release a song as long as this track, but it works really well with this one. Honestly I haven't realized it was that long. When you hear you get overwhelmed by Harry's amazing voice. 
So here it is the song, we've waited so much for.

Nagyon sok új dal van a lejátszási listámon jelenleg, de az egy az, amiről mindenképp szerettem volna beszélni. Amit feltétlen meg kell mutatnom.
Nos, Harry Stylest nem igazán kell bemutatnom senkinek, természetesen szóló előadóként új a szakmában, de a One Direction tagjaként évek óta hallhatjuk a rádiókban. A banda feloszlása( szünete) után Niall volt az első aki saját dalt jelentetett meg(na jó, igazából Zayn, de ő már jóval a feloszlás előtt, mivel kilépett a bandából) őt követte Louis nemrégiben kiadott Just Hold On című Steve Aoki-val közös száma és végre itt a hónap legjobban várt dala, a Sign Of The Times.

Tegnap, reggel 8 órakor (brit idő szerint) a BBC Radio 1 reggeli műsorában mutatták be Harry első dalát, így hivatalosan is megjelent világszerte. Nem is kellett sok, mindössze 19 perc és az amerikai listák élére került, megelőzve ezzel Adele-t akinek ugyanez 50perc alatt sikerült. Később olvastam Twitteren, hogy a dal 70 ország iTunes listáján elérte az első helyezést.

Nem meglepő, hogy tegnap óta állandóan ezt a dalt hallgatom. Újra és újra, nem lehet megunni. 70-es évekbeli hangzást is felismerhetünk a dalban, ami remekül illik Styles stílusához és hangjához is. Úgy gondolom, hogy a legjobb dolog ami történhetett velük az a banda feloszlása volt. Most gondolom a legtöbb One Direction rajongó megölne, de ez az igazság. Mindegyikőjük a saját stílusában alkothat és ezáltal is mi is egy komolyabb, felnőttebb hangzásvilágot kaphatunk.

Térjünk vissza a 'SOTT' c. dalra, ami egy 5 perc és 40 másodperces mű, szóval egy közel 6 perces alkotás. Manapság én azt mondom kissé szokatlan egy ilyen hosszú dalt kiadni, de meglepő módon egyáltalán nem unalmas. Nagyon jól működik ennél a dalnál. Mikor meghalljuk az első pár másodpercet egyből magával ragad Harry csodálatos hangja.
Tehát itt a videó a dalról és hallgassátok.

My Daily Skincare Routin // Miracle For Oily Skin

I had my suffering with my oily skin for years(thank God, not much acne but the feeling of oily skin, which is quite annoying). Years of trying to find something useful. To be honest I was never really satisfied enough until now. 

The Oh-so Lovely Budapest

Last week my friend visited me from Switzerland. Needless to say we grabbed our backpacks and explored the city. However I live here for almost 4 years now, I can't get enough of its beauty. The old buildings, the bridges and the never ending crowd. Sometimes it's overwhelming but other days I just love how different living in a city than in the village.

I would like to show you some great places you must visit while you're at Budapest.

On the photo above you can see a lovely rose shaped ice cream which is quite popular in Budapest.
They have a few shops around the St. Stephen's Basilica. This time we visited Gelarto Bistro. At Gelarto Rosa last time we waited 30 minutes to get our ice creams so that's how popular it is. The lines were so huge. As the weather isn't so warm yet, and especially that day it was quite cloudy no one was there.
You can choose to ask the rose with 2 or 3 flavours. The more colourful the better. My favourite flavour is the salted caramel which is absolutely amazing. It's a complete must-have oh and almost forgot they have oreo one's too. Heaven!

Another great place where you can spend your time is Akvárium Klub at Deak Square. There is a terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine and the amazing homemade lemonades with different flavours. Not to mention at night it's a great place to have party or visit some concerts.

If you're hungry just grab a burger at Jack's Burger near to Gelarto Rosa and just a few minutesfrom Akvárium. Huge portions really especially when you order in menu plus totally affordable. I like this place, visited a few times before. The burger's are delicious and huge and the employees are really nice. You can spot Jack's Burger around a few places in the city just like Gelarto Rosa.

For great walks or just getting away from the traffic a little bit I advise to visit Margaret Island or the City Park. If you'd like to visit the zoo, the City Park is a great choice then. Not far from my flat there is the National Museum which has an amazing garden. Loads of student enjoy the warm weather when they have some free time and it's such an inspiring place to spend your spare hours.

Let me show you some photos we took at the Heroes Square, Fisherman's Bastion and the City Park.