In a world where social media and the internet is so important, can we take a break? Only by turning our phones off? Why we have the urge every morning to check out Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and do the same process in 30 minutes over again?! And not every morning but throughout the day. Why can't we just pay attention to ourselves and our friends? After all, we can't re-live the days. We must make the most of every day. Especially when we don't know if we get to see the next. As things go these days I'm afraid it's really unexpected.

Keeping your outfit simple and make it pop with accessories is a great way to stand out from the crowd. In this post, I'm showing you some amazing earrings. Me on the other hand, I'm not really an earring lover, but I have a few one. These days I have a thing for loop earrings as they made a huge comeback this season.

It's in for a while now. Many of us love it and of course, there is another side which just completely hates it. To tell the truth I would never refuse a great metallic product. Never. It just adds a little fun to the outfit.
So in this post, I gathered all the products you need this season. And don't forget less is more.

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