Summer. It's been so hot for weeks, that I'm sweating non-stop in places I never thought I could. I know, I know it sounds gross coming from a girl but that's the truth. So this post is a survival kit for all of us who are struggling to stay alive in this weather.
I always considered myself more of a winter type, I was born in February so summer is not my favourite.

Summer is a season when you can easily do stupid things and you're completely forgiven for it. Am I right?! I hope I am. I mean, I don't want to encourage you to go around naked and blame it on summer and the heavy sunshine. But yeah, we do a lot of stupid things, but there are three things I commit once a year. Wait, I was wrong, not all of them but some of them.

When it comes to summer I constantly think about holidays, road trips which need an endless playlist. Everything's better with music. That's a fact, my love.
When it comes to my taste in music I tend to say it's a little bit of everything. A huge mixture of great tunes. It really is, from The Rolling Stones to Lana Del Rey I listen to everything, even Kendrick Lamar. I don't like one genre, I love music, I love art and I love tunes that express something more. I find it amazing when a song has a meaning or stands up for something, but I'm not going to lie, I also have a soft spot for catchy tunes. 
I made this Spotify playlist for those who have the same opinion about music as me. 

Use this playlist to have fun on a road trip, share some special moments while you're on holiday. And most importantly enjoy life.

Most of my photos are taken with my precious mobile phone so of course, I have my favourite apps. These are all free to download and I can guarantee you that they do wonders with your simple smartphone pictures.

We are still obsessing over Kylie Cosmetics, right?! However it's a bit pricey especially when you have to order overseas.. so I rather buy some dupes than the Kylie lip glosses. That's how I found this amazing drug store dupe, called K Lips which are obviously named after Kylie's version of lip kits. It's by a polish brand called Lovely and I bought it from Rossmann here in Hungary.

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